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Friday, January 28, 2011

Shelter from the Storm by Samantha Sommersby

Shelter from the Storm by Samantha Sommersby
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (150 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 cherries
Reviewed by Cholla

Not everyone has to go looking for love…for a lucky few, love finds them.

In any other circumstance, Jennifer Jones’s first meeting with Maclain Moore would have been called serendipity, a happy coincidence. She’s looking for a new roommate; he’s looking for a place to live. It doesn’t hurt that he’s sexy as hell, either.

But the man who crosses her threshold isn’t there to sign on the dotted line—he’s the bearer of news bad enough to shake the very foundation of her life. A life built around a fierce sense of independence, born of a violent incident from her past.

Mac is no stranger to heartache. His career in social work immerses him in it, plus he has his own share of skeletons rattling around in his closet. His attempts to comfort Jennifer bring the two of them closer together. With each touch, she becomes harder to resist. Mac’s body’s response would try the patience of a saint. And a saint he’s not.

Baring her soul isn’t high on her list, but she finds herself opening up to Mac in ways that make it hard to hold him at arm’s length. And as her life spins out of control, their growing passion becomes the only tangible thing she can cling to…

How do you control the uncontrollable? That’s the question always at the back of Jennifer Jones’ mind. Having survived the unpredictable childhood from hell, her exacting control over her day to day life is the only thing keeping her sane. Come, take her hand and step into the darkness of her past…

Jennifer was simply looking for a roommate. What she found in Mac was so much more than she could have hoped for. She is more than just a woman with baggage, she’s emotionally damaged with a dark and unhappy past. I was worried at first that she’d be one of those heroines that make you insane – the kind who hides behind her past and pushes the hero away completely. To my enjoyable surprise, she wasn’t like that in the least. When she does hold Mac at arm’s length, she has good reason behind it. Jennifer’s emotional growth during this story is wonderful and realistic as well.

Maclain Moore is a woman’s dream come to life. Because of his job as a social worker, he’s not only familiar with the damaged goods that can result from a rough childhood, but he has that one skill lacking in so many adults – the ability to simply listen. More than anything, that is what Jennifer needs in her life. I love Mac’s character to no end. He knows how far to push and just when to back off as well. He takes her as she is, baggage and all, and embraces her dysfunctionality fully. If there was ever a man made specifically for a woman with Jennifer’s history, it is definitely Mac. Add in the fact that he’s athletic and gorgeous and you’ve got the perfect package.

Shelter from the Storm is an emotionally intense story that will grab you by the heart, refusing to let go. If you’ve ever wondered how a woman with a dark and dreadful past finds happiness, then you will want to read Jennifer’s journey to just that – happiness and release from her personal demons.

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