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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Spend the Night with Me by Amber Skyze

Spend the Night with Me by Amber Skyze
(Book Two of the Freedom Fantasies Series)
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Sophisticate
Length: Short Story (99 pgs)
Genre: Contemporary
Other: M/F
Rating: 3.5 cherries
Reviewed by Stephantois

Memories of her deceased fiancé no longer so painful, Brooke is determined it’s time to move on. She goes to Freedom Fantasies in search of someone who will rock her world—for one night only.

She’s not prepared for young, sexy, funny Liam. He’s wants to explore the limits of pleasures Brooke didn’t know existed. Their sexual experiments and seductions leave each other breathless. But Brooke still isn’t certain she’s able to let one night turn into many.

Brooke is putting the death of her former lover behind her and decides to visit her friend’s manor house where Freedom Fantasies is located. She’s not sure if she can commit to another relationship but is definitely interested in having some fun with the bartender, Liam.

I liked Brooke; I think the author did a great job with getting us to sympathize with her and her loss. I also liked Liam a lot, he’s young, sexy and seems to be a great guy for Brooke. The sex is hot and the dialogue was very natural sounding. However, I think this story needed more plot that just Brooke and Liam getting together to have sex. Maybe if it had been a longer story with the couple doing stuff together other than living out their fantasy at the manor it would have made for a stronger story.

Besides that, the setting did have a sense of sexual adventure to it. I liked the hero (and I think this is where the author did a great job)-- he's someone any woman would want. Although I knew why Brooke was reluctant to get emotionally attached again, I was cheering for Liam and hoping he could make her come to her senses.

If you want a story that is very much sexual fantasy and one with a satisfying ending, this is probably a good book for you.

1 comment:

Amber Skyze said...

Thanks so much for the awesome review. I'm thrilled you enjoyed Brooke and Liam's story. :)