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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Triple Dare by Lexxie Couper

Triple Dare by Lexxie Couper
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (70 Pages)
Other: M/F, Ménage, M/F/M
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Reviewed by Holly

Two men, one woman, one momentous dare.

A Red Hot Winter story.

Serious and determined, Joseph Hudson isn’t Australia’s businessman of the year for nothing. So now he’s asking himself, how did he get lost on the side of a mountain in the Colorado Rockies—in the middle of winter—with night fast approaching? Three simple words. I dare you.

Fear isn’t in Rob Thorton’s vocabulary. Life is for the taking, and Rob uses both hands. Challenging his best mate to take an impromptu snowboarding trip to the U.S. is just the latest in a lifetime of dares. Besides, he has an ulterior motive for the trip. And a plan…

Park Ranger Anna McCarthy knows what trouble looks like, and it’s written all over the two Aussies she first encounters in the ski lodge. Instinct has her following them onto the mountain, and sure enough, they end up needing her winter survival expertise. But not even her skills can stop her body from responding to the sexy muscles she finds beneath their ski suits.

Stuck in a remote cabin until the storm passes, the temperatures rise until all bets are off. And a double dare turns into a triple threat—to their hearts.

This is a story of friendship, love and passion, with a bittersweet edge to it.

The youngest CEO in Australia, Joseph ‘Hudo’ Hudson is a serious and determined businessman. It is this attitude that got him named Australia’s Businessman of the year. His best friend thinks Joe is too serious, and knows the one thing that will get him to loosen up is the phrase ‘I dare you’. They've shared some fantastic adventures through the years. In fact, if not for Rob Thornton daring him about the business, Joe would never have become the success he is. That is why, when Rob dares Joe to go snowboarding in the Colorado Rockies, they fly off... and thirty-eight hours later, they are on the side of a mountain, lost in a strange place, with nightfall swiftly approaching. If they don’t find shelter, and fast, it could prove very deadly.

Lucky for them, Park Ranger Anna McCarthy saw them head out, and follows to try and lead them back to safety. When they end up at an isolated rescue hut, though, rescue is the furthest thing from all of their minds. But while Joe discovers the love of his life in Anna, he learns that Rob has been keeping a secret that could change their lives forever. Can these three share a night of passion and perfect lust, and move on to what the future holds? Will Anna accept what Joe offers, after such a short time? Can Joe come to terms with what Rob reveals?

Lexxie Couper has written a tale of two friends who are as close as two men can be without being lovers. This is much more than just another hot story, it has a depth of emotion and I enjoyed watching, and hearing about, the adventures these two men had over the years. The male characters were real, and dynamic and you can’t help but adore them both. And you have to envy Ranger Anna, getting these two all to herself for the night.

Anna McCarthy is a sassy and smart woman. She has the brains to know that these two Aussies are going to be trouble, and takes the necessary steps to head off total disaster. She is strong enough to admit, to herself as well as the men, that she wants what they are offering. I liked her sarcasm and her wit when dealing with Rob, and her passion for Joe was a delight.

Joseph Hudson, or as Rob calls him, Hudo, is smart, talented and successful. But he would have no life if it weren’t for the prodding dares from his best friend. I loved watching him discover love with the Ranger, and gasped when he learned Rob’s terrible secret. Rob Thornton is the daredevil and instigator of this pair, always dreaming up new ways to pull Joe out of his shell. He reaches for everything life can offer, and takes Hudo along with him. I loved his passion for living life full out, no holds barred.

I will say that when Rob’s secret was revealed, it was like a sucker punch to the gut. But Ms. Couper handled it with such grace and style, it soon became evident that there would be some surprises yet to come. The heat level in this was high enough to melt the snow on the mountain these three were on, and I recommend this be read with plenty of cold cloths to wipe away the perspiration.

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