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Monday, January 10, 2011

Trust Me If You Dare by L.B. Gregg

Trust Me If You Dare by L.B. Gregg
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (150 pgs)
Other: M/M, anal sex
Rating: 4.5 cherries
Reviewed by Cactus

Hard help can be good to find.

Romano and Albright, Book 2

Feisty New Yorker Caesar Romano has a knack for getting into a jam, and this week is no exception. When his pregnancy-hormone-buzzed business partner sweet talks him into working a solo gig for his famous ex, Caesar attracts the worst kind of attention.

It’s only the beginning. Hit on by a lusty German, stalked by the paparazzi, victim of an unexpected airbag attack—and desperate for some part-time help—Ce’s running out of time, staff and patience. But what’s really got him poised to run? A looming brunch with his sexy lover’s esteemed family.

PI Dan Albright is a man of many gifts: investigation, security, sex talk and driving Caesar nuts in and out of the bedroom. Hired to protect an outrageous soap star from a deranged personal assistant, Dan’s got his hands full refereeing rival actors, locating one four-foot-eleven woman…and convincing Ce that he’s playing for keeps.

Hey, nobody ever said taking a relationship to the next level was a waltz in the park.

Caesar Romano is back with a hot new boyfriend and a fetish for public sex. Caesar thought he’d spend the weekend meeting his boyfriend’s parents, but a triple accident in a car dealership followed by a favor that’s destined to kill Caesar, a camera stalking paparazzo, and a sexy German actor that won’t take no all combine to threaten Caesar’s sanity and good will. Thankfully hot private investigator Dan Albright is on Caesar’s side and determined to keep the quirky hero happy and satisfied by any means possible.

Trust Me If You Dare is the second book in the Albright and Romano series that started with Catch Me If You Can. This time Caesar has started a catering business with his newly pregnant friend, Poppy. Poppy, cousin to Caesar’s orange ex-boyfriend Shep, has agreed to cater Shep’s party at the last minute. So much for Caesar’s plans but Dan is working a case that dovetails with Caesar’s catering and the two get into some predictable and yet hilariously funny antics. The comedy is on stage in this sequel with Caesar’s adorable and endearing quality of always seeming to find trouble. Dan is the perfect counterpoint as the cool headed, quick thinking boyfriend that’s alternatively amused and impressed with Caesar’s penchant for trouble.

The plot is filled with humorous twists and turns from a closeted heterosexual to Caesar’s outdated DMV picture and really you just never want the ride to end. The dialogue is witty and full of non-stop quips and jokes. It’s never overwhelming or too over the top, instead it feels perfectly fitting to the loveable troublemaker Caesar. The relationship between Caesar and Dan is sweet, touching, and steamy as the two make out in various public places throughout the story. Not to mention the final scene between the two is simply adorable and very romantic. Fans will definitely be sighing as they read the last words in this story.

Although you can read Trust Me If You Dare without reading the first book, I really wouldn’t recommend it. There is a lot of information and small details thrown out that you’ll miss if you haven’t read the first book. Not to mention you won’t want to miss how Dan and Caesar first meet. In the sequel, Caesar is again likable and instantly engaging with his internal commentary and own brand of common sense. L.B. Gregg has a definite flair for comic timing and anyone looking for a light hearted, delightful romp won’t be disappointed.

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