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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Whenever We Meet by Cerise DeLand

Whenever We Meet by Cerise DeLand
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (75 pgs)
Other: M/F, Anal Play, Toys, Spanking
Rating: 4.5 cherries
Reviewed by Violet

Young widow Angela Reynolds doesn’t need a gorgeous older man pursuing her while she asserts her independence professionally and personally. But hotel magnate Stephen Montoya won’t permit this sweet, vibrant beauty to escape him. When he demands she kiss him each time she enters and leaves a room, the two of them discover that some passions cannot be denied—or tamed.

When Stephen asks her to marry him, Angela knows she wants his tantalizing body inside hers for heart-pounding intimacies she’s only imagined. But she’s unsure if she can surrender completely to this dominating man…or give up her newfound freedom.

You can feel the sizzle in this short story from the moment hero and heroine meet.

Angela Reynolds goes to Guadalajara, Mexico to rebuild her life after her college sweetheart dies during military service. Stephen Montoya has offered Angela the job as Head Decorator for his new hotel. Not only does Stephen think he’s found the perfect decorator, he knows he’s finally found the “one.” Their attraction to each other steams off the page. Although Stephen wants to start a relationship, Angela wants to be professional even though she’s just as attracted. As a compromise, Stephen asks her to kiss him Whenever they Meet. And there is something so special about those kisses. I found the kissing absolutely romantic.

Stephen is a wonderful hero. His dark smoldering good looks had me drooling. But it was his manner and care for Angela that made me fall for him. He’s strong; a bit old-fashioned, and has no doubts that Angela is right for him. I just loved him.

Angela is a very relatable heroine. She has a solid backstory that makes her real. She tries to resist her feelings, but the immediate connection between Angela and Stephen makes that impossible. She is a strong and gutsy, but at the beginning a little insecure. I loved watching Angela gain confidence.

Realizing Angela’s inexperience, Stephen asks Angela to marry him. The kisses that hinted to so much more before their marriage turn into beautifully passionate sex after. When the story hits it twist, the resolution shows Angela completing the growth she came to Mexico hoping to achieve. And I have to admit, I couldn’t help an admiring smile as she did.

I will say that I’ve never read a book where there was less build up to anal sex. It was just odd. Stephen was concerned that she was very inexperienced before they married, then just throws caution to the wind. I thought Angela would be a little apprehensive since all she had before they married was bad sex. And honestly, it’s only this scene that kept this book from being rated as a Best Book. Although I first read this book in some time ago, this is one of those special books that often comes to mind.

I really loved the story of Angela and Stephen. Angela’s growth with Stephen and the confidence she gains in herself over the story is really beautiful. Angela’s kisses having different meanings has stuck with me. It’s one of those wonderful things you read, then comes to you on an odd afternoon and just makes you smile. And I have to admit that I wanted to be the one kissing Stephen whenever they meet.

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