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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

You’ll Think of Me by Wendi Zwaduk

You’ll Think of Me by Wendi Zwaduk
Publisher: Total-E-Bound
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (93 pages)
Other: Mild BDSM, Anal Play, M/F, Masturbation
Rating: 3 Cherries
Reviewed by Rosemary

The man of her dreams finally came home from the war, but is he still the man she remembers or have his demons changed him forever?

Melanie Roberts loved her best friend more than she could ever imagine, and for longer than she wants to admit. Though once lovers, she's resigned herself to being no more than his best friend and roommate. On the eve of his return from deployment in Iraq, in order to keep her heart from breaking, she decides she's moving on—after one last sexy night.

Cade Nicholson has come to a decision. As he comes home damaged in both body and soul from his latest deployment, all he wants is to find comfort in Melanie's arms. Unsure and unsteady in expressing his love to the only woman to hold his heart, he has to find a way to convince her of his true feelings.

Can two best friends overcome their demons to prove their love for one another before past decisions come back to haunt them and it’s too late?

Will Melanie Roberts and Cade Nicholson find a future together despite their past and present misunderstandings in You’ll Think of Me by Wendi Zwaduk?

After a misunderstanding caused their break up and revealed Melanie’s lack of trust in Cade, they remained “friends with benefits”. Three years later, Melanie is still love with Cade, and she wants more than sex from him but he is unable to commit emotionally to her. With a new truck, new job, and new house, she is now ready to move on.

Back from his latest deployment overseas, Cade finds neither his intense attraction to Melanie nor his love for her has diminished. Cade’s inability to come to terms with the traumatic attack that has left him permanently scarred and his fellow airman dead leaves him unable to confess his love to Melanie. Will Cade allow his past to destroy his chance for happiness with Melanie?

Cade and Melanie are likeable characters and the addition of their mutual friend Rhett Ione provides an added dynamic to their relationship. While You’ll Think of Me is an enjoyable read, it is predictable, and the plot feels a bit contrived.

There's plenty of good in this story, though. Melanie is a strong and well developed heroine who is easy to admire as she attempts to move on with her life. Rhett’s friendship with both Cade and Melanie proves to be a strong point of the novel as he encourages them individually to confess their love to one another. Cade’s struggle to overcome the effects of war is heartbreaking and realistically portrayed. It was these things that engaged me in the story and kept me reading.

If you are looking for a quick read with plenty of hot sex, then You’ll Think of Me by Wendi Zwaduk is the book for you.

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Wendi Zwaduk said...

Thanks for the great review. I"m glad you liked Cade. He's a favorite character of mine.