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Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Bear and The Bride by Jianne Carlo

The Bear and The Bride by Jianne Carlo
Publisher: Etopia press
Genre: Historical
Length: Short Story (47 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3.5 cherries
Reviewed By Myrtle

Jarl Torsten glimpses Ainslin of Durham, a recent widow with two sons, and immediately covets her for his wife. He outmaneuvers his rival, Ainslin’s neighbor Earl Sigrid, and receives the king’s blessing to marry her.

Ainslin fears Torsten's reaction when he discovers she’s a virgin. How will she explain her maidenhead and twin sons? Will Torsten cast Ainslin and the boys aside when he discovers the truth?

Before I even started reading, I wondered what a man would think and do if he found the woman he wed was still a virgin after being married and claiming twin babies as her own.

What a delight it was to read The Bear and the Bride. It was refreshing and a joy to read, and I found it such a pleasure to soak in a story with such an old world theme. I was in love with the story from the second chapter on. Ok I must confess in the first chapter, I had to stop and look up a few words so I could understand their meaning, but after that, the story was amazing. I don't know about anyone else but there is something about a strong dark haired Viking warrior that gets the heart beating.

When Torsten claims Ainslin as his wife with the king's blessing he keeps her out of the hands of Sigrid, a cruel Jarl that neither of them like. Torsten soon learns that things are not as they seem when he takes her to bed. Upon consummating their marriage, he learns that she is still a virgin and soon finds out the reason why after four years of marriage to her late husband and twins she claims as hers that she still has her maidenhead. As these reasons are made clear, the plot thickens giving way to a sweet short story that will make you sigh at the romances of it all.

In all the books I read there is always one phrase that sticks in my head. After I finished The Bear and The Bride it was “’Tis agony,” she moaned. “Can you not move faster”. The only sad part about this book was that is was way too short, and I had to spend a little time looking up words in the first chapter so that I could get the full enjoyment of the story. Even so, looking up words you don’t know is just something that goes along with reading and did not take away from the book at all. The Bear and The Bride is a book that I would recommend to my friends who like romance that isn't quite as full of really hot and heavy sex scenes.


Jianne Carlo said...

Thank you for those kind words Myrtle. I'm glad you liked The Bear and The Bride. The Dragon Slayer, Ruard's book, is out next month.

Jianne Carlo

Lynn Lorenz said...

I read this and just loved it!!!
OMG! Now I want more viking books!!

All it takes is one great book to start a landslide... and Jianne's book makes me want to be caught up in the landslide.

Myrtle said...

Looking forward to reading it Jianne. "The Bear and The Bride was a refreshing change to my normal reading but I loved it.