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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Head over Heels by Annemarie Hartnett

Head over Heels by Annemarie Hartnett
Publisher: Total-E-Bound
Length: Short Story (93 pages)
Genre: Contemporary
Other: M/F
Rating: 5 cherries
Reviewed by Bittersweet

That whole 'no nookie' rule seemed like a good idea until Chrissie got under the covers with Sam.

When Chrissie declared a moratorium on hooking up for this group road trip, she didn’t think a miscommunication with a hotel desk clerk would put her in the same bed with Sam.

A total dork wrapped in a nice package, Sam has been the object of her vacation lust since day one. Once she’s huddled together under the covers with him the rules go out the window.

Can Sam and Chrissie turn their carefree holiday fling into something more?

Head over Heels is not only the title of this novel, it’s the sentiment with which I finished the book: Happy, smiling, hopeful, in conclusion, head over heels for Ms. Hartnett’s story.

The novel tells the tale of Chrissie and Sam and their road trip into love. Ms. Hartnett hooked me from the first sentence. After all, who heard of a sky rocketing libido and hiking being on the same page?

Ms. Hartnett’s novel flows easily and kept me hooked. She made me laugh (some of the moments our characters live through are hilarious), worried (doubt, the greatest enemy of love appears), and hot and bothered at all the right moments.

The words in Head over Heels flow easily both because the plot is simple yet interesting and because Ms. Hartnett knows how to describe. The sexual imagery was fantastic: hot, torrid, lustful… the pirate sex was definitely primeval!

However, I have to admit that one of the best points of this book is that it felt authentic; the situation felt realistic and not forced. Head over Heels is a true 21st century story.

The characters are three dimensional with their good and bad sides (Chrissie worries too much, Sam is a bit immature, Laurie is gossipy, and Tony is a clown). Their thoughts and actions seemed grounded and human, as well as the development of their relationship.

Finally, I have to mention the cover. Bravo! It really transmits the sweetness behind the tale. Head over Heels is the perfect mix between sweet and hot, therefore, a definite must read!

1 comment:

Annemarie said...

This was a surprise before bed last night :) Thanks for reading Head Over Heels - I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Also, I agree about the cover. Natalie Winters did a fabulous job and the cover model looks just like I pictured Sam in my head.