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Monday, February 14, 2011

Mysteries & Magick by Christine McKay

Mysteries & Magick by Christine McKay
Poisoned Magic & Pierce My Heart
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Pages: Full Length (152 pgs)
Other: M/F, M/F/M, Menage
Rating: 4 cherries
Reviewed by Magnolia

Poisoned Magic

White magic. Gray magic. Black magic. A witch is a witch. Right? Samantha never meant to cross the line. Hell, she didn’t even know a line existed. All she wanted to do was make sure John noticed her. Dabbling with the herbal magic her grandmother taught her doesn’t seem wrong. Especially when it produces results.

Of course, for those walking in the mystical ways, Samantha’s dabbling is anything but innocent. And for those who’ve long since crossed to the dark side, she’s a downright delectable bit of flesh. But though black magic and its wielders may be able to blind a woman, they’ll never be able to fully control her actions.

Pierce My Heart

Shakespeare’s Hamlet had it more right than he knew. Hierarchies of angels, deities and demons walk among us, mostly unnoticed. But every now and again, Fate steps into a person’s life to bitch-slap some sense into them.

Jessie is one of those “blessed” people. Sissy, a.k.a. Lachesis, an aspect of Fate, is on a mission, and she has angels Michael and Deacon at her disposal. Combining a Virtue and Power creates some potent mojo all on its own, but adding a lonely human woman to the mix is a sure way to shake loose the knots in the weave of life. Here’s hoping Jessie’s thread is strong enough to take it.

Poisoned Magic

Ummmm….Poisoned Magic is an interesting, if different and disconcerting read. Christine McKay has written a paranormal story of magic, witchcraft, possession, obsession and deceit that also brings out baser human desires. When a young woman dabbles in the unknown to have the man of her dreams, she had no idea what she was asking for. This story is hot, exciting, and will keep you flipping pages as fast as you can, but be forewarned, the ending will probably leave you gasping for breath.

Pierce My Heart

Jessie is a research scientist and has little personal life but when she's the designated driver for her friends at a sex toys party, she has a strange experience she can't find a scientific explanation for. This story is quite a bit longer than the first book in this neat little book and sets up Jessie's life for the reader with a lot of details that at times can make you want the author to just move on and get to the point.

However, it doesn't distract from the story so much that you don't want to continue reading. Especially after meeting neighbor, Michael and new lab assistant, Deacon. These two are all the hunky temptation any woman could want and practically have "lick here" written all over them. And then there's Scott, Jessie's colleague and friend, who Jessie hasn't really looked at in any other context. And I'm not going to tell you why, but when you get into the meat of this story, you're going to fall in love.

Where the first story in this book is very disturbing and not exactly in a good way, Pierce My Heart is its polar opposite. Once I learned of Jessie's life, her heartaches and heartbreaks, I could identify with her reasons for not wanting to do anything but work.

Christine McKay has always been one of my favorite authors with her frank, friendly, conversational style of writing and I was not disappointed with Mysteries & Magick.

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