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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Spiritwalker by Charisma Knight

Spiritwalker by Charisma Knight
Publisher: Sugar and Spice Press
Genre: Contemporary, Historical, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (100 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3 cherries
Reviewed by Verbena

Things can’t get much better for Vivian Patterson. At the ripe ole age of thirty-eight, life is better than ever. She’s got an excellent job, looks that kill, and a smokin hot bod. Oh she also has a loving, faithful boyfriend who sends her blood pressure skyrocketing through the roof. She couldn’t ask for anything more, right?

Magnus Abernethy, Vivian’s boyfriend is all any woman could ever want in a man. He is handsome as hell, has an adorable personality, and willing to go that extra mile to please his woman. Magnus is the total package. There is just one problem with this relationship. Magnus is a spirit, trapped within another realm…

This situation was never a problem for Vivian, but she discovers as time moves on, she craves him to be flesh and blood, forever, not just for an entire evening.

Can Vivian and Magnus overcome a witch’s cruel curse, and carry on through life, the way it was intended, or will the menacing dark force from their past threaten any happiness that may be in the stars for them?

A love that transcends time. It sounds like a fairytale come true, something any man and woman in love would want. But sometimes love comes with a steep price, and retribution can make any relationship bittersweet.

Magnus had everything he wanted, including his dark-skinned beauty, Natiyah. But a witch/vampire with a taste for chaos turned his world upside down. Trapped between worlds, he’s forced to watch his love complete the circle of life without him. For centuries, he’s endured her repeated life and death, unable to be with her as they both so desire until they find a way to break the witch’s curse.

Vivian (the reincarnated, current day Natiyah) is happy with her life. She loves her spirit lover, Magnus, but yearns for more. Determined to find a way for them to be together, she takes matters in to her own hands. But there’s more to the curse than she understands. A dark secret Magnus has failed to share. I like Vivian’s spunk and grit. She’s proud of who she is and is willing to risk all for her love.

Magnus is a tortured soul who will surely win your heart. He only wants what’s best for Vivian, but lives for the moments when he can venture in her realm and be with her. If only he could tell her the complete truth surrounding their curse. He both longs and fears to, unable to stand the thought of losing her completely, but hating the lies between them just the same.

Spiritwalker introduces some intriguing ideas and twists to the proverbial eternal love typically found in most paranormal tales. The author has mixed varying otherworldly beings into an interesting tale. Vampires, fairies, wolves, guardians, Vikings, you name it, it’s there. While the plot sparked my curiosity, I found keeping up with all the different characters to be a little overwhelming at times.

The main characters, Vivian and Magnus were easy to love and the author developed them fairly well. The passion between them was definitely hot and heavy. There were times, however, when the characters dialogue and/or behavior seemed a little out of place, given the scenario. The dialect could be difficult to interpret at times, and perhaps if the author had chosen a select a few words to give the dialog a Scottish feel instead of trying to incorporate too many, it may have been a bit easier to understand. Once I stopped trying to pronounce the words as she had written them, and just interjected what I knew they were supposed to mean, I had an easier time reading the story.

Most of the scenes were thoroughly explained and given enough detail to make it easy to put your feet in the characters’ shoes, so to speak, but I would like to have seen some drawn out a little more. There were major turning points that felt rushed and too easily overcome. Point of view shifts were handled very well. Overall, though, it was a unique and enjoyable story.

If you’re in to all sorts of paranormal beasties and the idea of an eternal love so strong it can withstand the trials of time sparks your interest, then pick up a copy of Spiritwalker. This interracial romance will surely satisfy your need for the mystical, as well as set your blood a boiling with a satisfying amount of desire.

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