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Friday, March 25, 2011

Accompanied by a Waltz by Andrew Grey

Accompanied by a Waltz by Andrew Grey
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (192 pages)
Other: m/m, anal sex
Rating: 5 cherries
Reviewed by Myrtle

Jonathon Pfister’s life has settled into a maudlin existence since the death of Greg, his lover of seventeen years. But Greg’s daughter Jeana has decided she’s had enough, so she rents a small apartment in Vienna for him as a Father’s Day present. Jonathon agrees to go, against his better judgment.

Surprisingly, Jonathon finds the change of scenery refreshing, and he even makes a young friend in Hans, his landlady’s son. Then Hans’s older brother returns home, and Jonathon begins to truly awaken. Fabian touches something inside him, especially when the younger man takes it upon himself to woo Jonathon in full Viennese style, with a waltz. But shadows of the past and expectations for the future loom over them both and will have to be banished for their lovers’ dance to stay in step.

“I don’t want to go on without him.” When we lose someone we love, nothing matters to the ones left behind, those that would give anything to have their loss love back. Jonathon Pfister would give any thing to turn back time and have his partner back in his arms. In this wonderful soul-searing story, you will cry when Jonathon’s partner of seventeen years, Greg, dies. When you begin to read, you can feel the love and care between Jonathon and Greg and you will find tears in your eyes as you are drawn in to the story and fall for the characters. Nothing prepared me for the emotional roller coaster that I found myself on while I read this book and nothing -- and I mean nothing -- could tear me away from the story until I finished it.

Two years after his death Greg’s daughter, Jeana realizes that Jonathon will continue to grieve until someone pushes him back to the land of the living. Therefore, she talks him into a trip to Vienna for a two-month vacation while she tours Europe before starting college--a new and exciting place where memories of his life with Greg would not intrude. Some place where he could make new memories and start smiling again. One thing Jonathon is not looking for is a new lover but as the plot goes on, and “with more luck than he figured one person deserved,” he finds himself falling in love again and he may return home with more than his suitcases... or maybe not. Will Fabian become a vacation fling or will Jonathon let go of the past and look for a future with a new partner?

Andrew Grey has a style of writing that opens the mind and allows you to explore beyond gender, drawing you into the hearts and feeling of the lovers and the people around them. What stand out are the characters' personalities and the plot itself--the tears and laughter found between the pages that leave you biting your nails and worried about the ending.

Would I recommend this book? You bet! And for any reader that wants to try a M/M story for the first time I would highly recommend reading this book. Some authors have a technique of writing that pulls at the heartstrings and can spin such an amazing tale that you cannot help but love their books and Mr. Grey worked his magical writing talent once more on Accompanied by a Waltz.

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