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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cat Maiden by Myra Nour

Cat Maiden by Myra Nour
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Historical, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (99 pgs)
Other: M/F, Forced Seduction
Rating: 3 cherries
Reviewed by Verbena

What happens when the gods play tricks on humans?

Madria leads a very satisfying life as a cat, until one night when she stumbles into two gods. They are arguing and the goddess points at Madria, changing her into a human. Stunned, confused, she manages to drag herself home and collapse on her master’s doorstep.

Antonius is astonished when he finds an unconscious, nude woman on his doorstep, and pleased to see her beauty surpasses the ideal he had pictured as a perfect mate.

Antonius is falling deeply in love with the woman, Madria, yet her strange behavior makes him wonder if she is a mystical being. Madria has always loved Antonius and finds her experiences as a human exciting, especially the passionate sex they share. But how long before the gods return to wreak more havoc or turn her back into a cat?

Can a leopard change its spots? Can an animal learn to be human? Or will her feral instincts win out?

That’s what Madria faces when two gods use her to settle a dispute. Antonius has long been her master and caregiver, but now she’s ready to give back. Aside from the wonderful sex she shares with him, her transition is a bit difficult. She remembers how things were as a cat, but now must adapt to being human. At least until the gods see fit to change her back. And yet, she soon starts to wonder if she wants to go back to her life before. The thought of losing the new relationship she shares with her master pains her.

To say Antonius is shocked when he finds a naked, unconscious woman on his porch would be an understatement. He’s intrigued and fascinated by the mysterious girl, despite her sometimes odd behaviors. Though she shares his beloved pet’s name, and some of her mannerisms as well, he doesn’t quite grasp that they are one and the same, not until the gods return and rip apart the happiness he’s found with his Madria.

Cat Maiden was an interesting story. It could have easily been developed into a lengthier tale. While the underlying plot certainly caught my attention, I had a difficult time reading between the frequent sex scenes to find it. I wish the characters had been developed a bit more; it would have made the story a lot more enjoyable. The physical attraction between Madria and Antonius was certainly hot, but it almost felt like the book’s plot was mainly about their having sex, and that their dilemma was merely a subplot. Ms. Nour has an excellent descriptive ability. Her idea behind the story is enticing, and makes for an interesting read.

Do you ever wonder what the gods do for entertainment? Check out Myra Nour’s Cat Maiden and you’ll find out just what happens when Venus and Jupiter want to settle a dispute. Just beware; the sex between Madria and Antonius is smoking hot with lots of juicy detail. You might need to keep a fire extinguisher nearby.

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