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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Contract Brides Triple Surprise by Reece Butler

A Contract Brides Triple Surprise by Reece Butler
Publisher: Siren Publishing, Inc.
Genre: Historical
Length: Full Length (377 pages)
Other: Menage, M/F/M/M, Anal Sex, Rape, Murder, Voyeurism,
Rating: 4.5 cherries
Reviewed By Myrtle

Ross MacDougal demands vengeance on the men who killed his young cousin, but his Clan Chief, older half-brother Gillis, insists that he produce an heir. Without one, they’ll lose their ranch to their brutish brother in Texas when their father dies. But no woman would marry the man known as the MacDougal Devil. An Eastern contract bride is the only way to save the ranch.

Amelia Smathers is desperate for her own home. Before dying of lung complications, her older sister Prudence insists that Amelia marry Nevin MacDougal, her husband Gillis’s kindly younger brother. Eyes tearing in grief, Amelia signs the marriage contract and heads west.

Amelia is shocked to discover a different husband, but Ross’s erotic touch soothes her. Still, she’s expected to share herself, just like Beth Elliott, their closest neighbor. Beth’s heated description of sharing three men has Amelia both alarmed and aroused. Then Ross’s past catches up with them...

If you want to know, what is “wetter than a cat caught in an August thunderstorm” then take a journey into the history of the Montana Territory where men outnumbered women 100 to 1. In this steamy tale you will learn of one woman’s trip from back east who rode the Bride Train west to meet her new husband and ended up with three.

Before Amelia Smathers' sister, Prudence dies; she gets Amelia to promise to sign a marriage contract and come west to be the wife of Nevin MacDougal and to raise her sister’s baby girl as her own. When she arrives, she soon learns that it is not Nevin, the youngest MacDougal she had married, but Ross the one people call the MacDougal Devil.

Gillis, Prudence's husband, is clan chief of the MacDougal Montana lands ands stands 6’5, big as a bear with red hair everywhere and takes after his highland father -- while his half brothers Ross and Nevin with their dark skin and black hair take after their mother’s people the Bannock. Needing a male child to protect their inheritance Gillis signs Ross' name on the contract knowing that this was the only way to marry the MacDougal Devil off.

I was drawn into the plot right away with all the twist and turns and the wild nature of the old west. I was completely enchanted by Ms. Butler's description of Amelia -- who came across as sweet and innocent but determined to make the most out of her marriage. She's a strong woman with a loving heart but tough as nails when she needed to be. Then you have Ross, Nevin, and Gillis who are pure male through and through but all different in their personalities, which only added to the drama between the pages.

I couldn't help but love Amelia, Ross, Nevin, and Gillis as I learned about their demons and saw them fight as a family, as they learned to open up and let go of the past to make a future together. Author Reece Butler did a beautiful job in twisting a saga of days gone by into a hot and steamy ménage of love. Not only was it entertaining but well written, bringing to life some of the history of Montana Territory and the Wild West. I am looking forward to reading the first book in this series as soon as I can get my hands on it.

I would recommend this story to anyone who enjoys erotica and tales of hot foursome. This book is most definitely worth keeping in your library.

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Reece Butler said...

Please note the 'rape and murder' noted by the reviewer took place long in the past. Ross has to choose between avenging these horrific events and moving forward into his future with Amelia. The sex in my series is hot with a touch of fun -- no violence.

Reece Butler (author of the Bride Train series)