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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Genetic Attraction by Tara Lain

Genetic Attraction by Tara Lain
Publisher: Loose Id LLC
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (144 pgs)
Other: M/M, M/M/F, M/F/M, voyeurism, anal sex
Rating: Best Book
Reviewed By Myrtle

At a conservative Long Island University, renowned researcher, Dr. Emmaline Silvay, has two great loves -- her life-saving work, and her younger research partner, Jake Martin. The romantic love is impossible. She’s his boss and he lives with his girlfriend. But his “girlfriend” is actually a boyfriend; the beautiful and infamous supermodel, Roan Black.

Resigned to a platonic relationship, Em accepts a weekend invitation to their home, but the men have a ménage on their minds. She can’t resist, doesn’t even want to. But their intentions go far beyond passion. They want her to “be a part of them.” Their three-way love defies propriety and the standards of the University that funds their work. The supermodel’s fame makes secrecy impossible. Their ménage threatens to crumble all she’s worked for. What will give way to make room for genetic attraction?

Torture, yes, it was torture reading this story! I lost sleep on this book.I started reading this story late at night and I could not put it down and go to bed so I got to see the sunrise before I got to the end. I knew when I saw the cover that I wanted it even before I read the excerpt.

The first thing that drew me in and stood out was the dialect, which gave a flare of modern day "real people" feeling to the story, and the characters just jumped out at me with their personality. From Roan with his 'I know I’m beautiful attitude' to Jake’s 'I made a mess of things'; and then there is Em who gets lost in her work and forgets about the world outside the lab. I would have liked to have seen more of a build up in the relationship between the Em and Roan before the first sex scene, just to add more depth to the plot. However, even without the build up it was still enjoyable because of the twist in the plot and the hippy life style that Em grew up in with free love and all. I thought is was endearing that Em wanted to talk to her mom about a ménage knowing that her mom was a free spirit from the sixties.

I love the book, between the dialect and the cute phrases I laughed so hard, I was afraid I would wake the hubby. So many clever and quick-witted remarks that just added to the overall story. I did have to put the book down for a minute and get on the computer to find out about the old Kinsey continuum of sexuality, just to see if I could find any input. This story was a wild ride and a lot of "hey what the hell"; I think it was a new and well plan plot, which is why I will be adding Tara Lain to my list of favorite authors. I definitely fell in love with her writing style and imagination. She had such a refreshing plot that will stay with me a long time and I think is well worth the money to add to your library.


Monica Stoner said...

I LOVED this book. Most of all I loved the intelligence of all the characters, in addition to the beautiful writing.

Tara Lain said...

Thank you, Monica, and thank you to Whipped Cream for this exceptional honor!! : )

Terra said...

Love the story and I think I am in love with Roan. Fast moving Alpha man.


Tara Lain said...

Yep, Roan's my baby. I think you can tell how much i love him. Wait 'til the next book. You get even more Roan! : )

Mysti Holiday said...

Yum yum YUM!!!!

Sounds like the perfect book for me (I adore a good menage). SO glad Whipped Cream spotlighted this. :-)

Tara Lain said...

Thank you, Mysti! I'm so honored that Whipped Cream decided to feature my book. I write a lot of menage -- M/M/F and M/M/M. My next book, Golden Dancer comes out Sept 27 (it's all boys!) and the sequel to Genetic Attraction, called Deceptive Attraction (M/M/F), comes out Nov 1. Thanks so much for your great comment. : )

heather said...

I'm drooling I want to read it so bad :)

Tara Lain said...

Thank you, Heather. I'm doing a blog tour starting on the 22nd and there will be lots of prizes. Who knows. this book just might show up there. LOL
Thank you for your great comment! : )