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Friday, March 11, 2011

Hot Spanish Nights by Bianca Swan

Hot Spanish Nights by Bianca Swan
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (96 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F, Spanking
Rating: 4 cherries
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

Southern vixen Erica DeLongpre journeys to Spain to find the horse of her dreams, never expecting to find a man capable of stirring her sexual awareness. Damián Xérès, a renowned bullfighter is deliciously skilled on a horse—and in bed. But a woman from Damian's past rattles Erica's confidence and threatens the very essence of her trip. With Lucia waiting for the slightest chink in her armor, Erica can't help wonder what lies ahead in those Hot Spanish Nights.

Falling in love while riding and training with horses is a very interesting and unique angle that Ms. Swan explored to the max.

Erica is at a crossroads in her life. She loves her family and has committed to doing something that she really does not want to do all in the name of being a dutiful daughter. She loves horses and is quite proficient with them, enough to impress her instructor and yet it isn’t enough. She has so many decisions to make but for two weeks she’s taking a breather so she can get a handle on what to do. However, this story gets interesting when she realizes that her breather has just presented her with the potential for passionate panting. Her emotions and feelings get twisted up like a pretzel and a reader gets treated to a woman who won’t deny herself anything, including the truth and all its ramifications.

One of the ramifications is Damián, her instructor and an accomplished man in his own right. For all his success and all of his pedigree, he’s a man with worries, problems and a thorn in his side that he can’t seem to get rid of. Yet he wants so very much to escape from all of it and nothing inspires him more than his new student. A reader sees he finds hope and a brighter future whenever he thinks of Erica.

Alright, I admit that when Damián sees the heroine, the future is not the initial draw but her long legs. It gets hot, fevered and wild from there. For readers who crave that creative erotic edge, Ms. Swan delivers. There is no surface or room unexplored between the two and I believe their falling in love ends up happening more when they are skin to skin than mind to mind. I prefer more character development than what is presented in this story but I can’t deny the writing for the most part is vivid and well done. There were a couple of descriptive passages that inspired more giggles and snorts than awe and heat but overall, I liked what I read. I will point out that I really enjoyed the part while they were riding. Now that was fun!

The external conflict seemed shallow and undeveloped and didn’t give me enough to be worried about. I think the villain had great potential but the sudden appearance and easy brush off didn’t create dramatic suspense. I think the reaction of Damián was tame, despite him being a passionate Spaniard. I expected more fire and decisive action and even an icy veneer with tightly controlled rage at what was done and what was threatened to both woman and horse. It was too civilized and the last final confrontation did not seem final enough to remove the threat permanently. If I didn’t take him seriously, would the villain? Especially one as delusional as this one was? I did have a few issues with the fiancé problem as well and wished it was handled a bit more decisively.

I love the descriptions of the horses’ personalities and the author imbued her characters with a love for Spain and equine matters that were vibrant and a pleasure to read.

Hot Spanish Nights is hands down a very exciting and passionate erotic romance heavy on the loving between Damián and Erica. The adoration of those beautiful horses came through loud and clear which is why the author made a good choice in making them a part of the conflict. How dare anyone do anything other than smother those beauties with love and affection! Of anything that touched me during this story, that did.

I was entertained and this book kept my interest but I do have a secret wish that Ms. Swan writes a sequel to tie up what I view as loose ends. I think the hero and heroine deserve it and so do readers. It would be an auto-buy for me because I really did like the chemistry between the two and would like to see them again, this time, on Erica’s turf. That would be so cool.


Mary Marvella said...

I enjoyed this book when I read it, too! Bianca knows her horses and her characters. She does wonderful things with words (with horses, too).

Bianca Swan said...

I'd like to thank Mary for stopping by and her nice comments. I'd like to thank Whipped Cream for the time to read and review my novella. Cheers! Bianca