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Friday, March 11, 2011

The Outlaw’s Woman by Beverly Sims

The Outlaw’s Woman by Beverly Sims
Publishing: Siren Publishing
Genre: Historical Western
Length: Full Length (290 Pages)
Other: M/F, M/F/M, Physical Abuse, Menage, F/F, M/F/F
Rating: 3 Cherries
Reviewed by Canterbury Bell

No one ever told Lucy Black Grant ‘no’ until the two outlaws who saved her life decided to keep her for themselves. Her seduction by the men turned out to be the seduction of the entire camp in their impenetrable stronghold by Lucy instead. Pierre and Rafe were as different as two men could possibly be but share the same desires for the spitfire they brought into the midst of some unforgiveable character: a drunken, filthy man of the cloth who was not a preacher, Mercedes who desired her in many ways, a huge woman called Stella, Bridge who picked the wrong woman, her brother Lucas, and Jed who loved Lucy and her mother both.

Lucy found the outlaw life both exciting and frightening, and her heritage taught her that killing was sometimes necessary and robbery can become a way of live. Her lovers protected her, even as she grew wilder and more savage with those whom she considered useless and expendable. But things changed when her brother became a hostage and her belly grew large with child. Homesickness for her father Black Eagle Grant and mother Lucretia Lucinda Grant. Now she must find a way to go home...if she can!

When a very handsome, sexy man rescues you from a raging river, brings you to his home and nurses you back to health you would be very grateful. Right? When his partner enters the picture and he is even more handsome, you should be very, very grateful. But then you find out that these two incredible men are thieves and you can never leave their home, "gratitude" may not be the right word for what you feel.

Lucy Black Grant finds herself in a very precarious situation as the captive of Rafe and Pierre, two very much wanted outlaws. Hidden in the hills at their cabin with other nefarious characters as neighbors, this wellbred, very spoiled daughter of a half Indian father and his white wife discovers things about herself that would turn her daddy’s hair gray!

Rafe and Pierre show Lucy the meaning of passion and desire. Lucy brings out in them their buried feeling of compassion, love and commitment and welcomes their tutorage in life’s pleasures. Not knowing the impact of her disappearance on the people she left behind, she has reconciled to the fact that she is not leaving her new home and indulges in all that her men can deliver.

The interesting and completely original aspect of this book is the narration is told through the eyes and observations of a tall tree that overlooks the plains of the Eagle Grant ranch, honoring the beliefs and heritage of the Native American people.This is Book 3 in the Witness Tree Saga by Beverly Sims. Having read the previous book, The Major's Wife, which is the story of Lucy’s mother and father, this was a welcome journey. Lucretia Lucinda Grant and Black Eagle Grant were very strong and compelling characters who went through horrendous trials and tribulations to come out on the other side in their own happily ever after. The story of their daughter continues their love story while introducing you to a whole new generation.

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