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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pretty Baby by Stormy Glenn

Pretty Baby by Stormy Glenn
Wolf Creek Pack 7
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (199 pgs)
Other: M/M, Anal Play
Rating: 5 Cherries
Reviewed by Edelweiss

Elliot Spencer has spent his entire life trying to live up to his father's strict ideals and make him proud. When he meets a sexy man at a bar, he decides that for once in his life, he's going to live by his rules, and that includes going home with Tommy Nash. He just doesn't know until it's too late that going home with Tommy will mean changing the way he sees the world.

Tommy Nash is captivated by the chatty little man he meets at the bar where he works. Taking the man home for a night of wild sex is a no-brainer, especially when he recognizes that Elliot is his mate. What Tommy doesn't realize until it's too late, however, is that Elliot is a wolf-shifter like him, and Elliot doesn't know it. By the time Tommy is able to get Elliot calmed down, it's too late. He's attacked someone, and Tommy's family doesn't want him to become involved with Elliot.

Together, they have to fight his family, Elliot's family, and a few people in between who believe they shouldn't be together. Tommy's biggest obstacle is proving to Elliot that they belong together, and by the time he does, it may be too late. Someone is after Elliot, and Tommy doesn't know if he can save his mate, even with his pack's help.

Fate herself seems to conspire against the sexy bad boy Tommy Nash and his chatty twink mate Elliot. Prepare yourself for a diverse and intense emotional experience with Pretty Baby as it goes from heart wrenching, to tender and then to hot as a firecracker at breakneck speed.

My heart broke for Elliot as he struggled to fit in to Tommy's world. Surprisingly, he must first fight Tommy's family who should have been first in line to support the bond between mates. This really upset me because Joe, Nathan, and every single other couple we've met in Wolf Creek had first hand knowledge of how precious the mating bond is. I almost got a cramp in my forehead from the worry lines produced by my concern for Elliot's well being.

If you have read any of the other Wolf Creek stories, you will be pleased to know that most of the characters previously featured, return in Pretty Baby. Joe is still overprotective of Nathan to the point of utter frustration. Still, it's sweet to read about their happily ever after even as we meet Joe's brother Tommy and his new mate. Ms. Glenn is exceptional in weaving together all of the characters and places in her series books. You'll find that Pretty Baby is a prime example of this mad skill as the relationships between the protagonists and characters introduced six books ago are immediately recognizable.

I admire that Tommy and Elliot went through overwhelmingly difficult trials, but had to first learn to trust each other in order to face their foes. These trials serve to strengthen their love. You'll find the impregnable bond is beautifully portrayed and will melt your heart with it's tenderness.

Stormy Glenn really spices things up with this story. It is by far, the sexiest and most erotically intense of all the Wolf Creek books. Right out of the proverbial gate Tommy and Elliot's attraction to each other is all consuming. I loved that everything else faded away as their worlds collided.

While more complex than it's predecessors, Pretty Baby is truly the perfect culmination of all the Wolf Creek books. I highly recommend reading Full Moon Mating (Joe and Nathan's story) before delving into this tale. This is the longest of the Wolf Creek collection at 199 pages, but its story line wrap-up was spot on.

I am giving this book five cherries because it is not only the best in the series, but also is what I consider to be one of Ms. Glenn's personal best. The characterization is consistent, the plot is filled with unexpected twists and turns, and the love between these men is truly palpable. If you're looking for some serious chemistry between two extremely sensual, strong, and loving men...look no further. I'll end with my favorite quote from Pretty Baby: “...and I'm not about to do anything that puts your life in jeopardy. You mean too much to me.”

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