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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Siren Enslaved by Sophie Oak

Siren Enslaved by Sophie Oak
Texas Sirens 3
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (276 pages)
Other: M/F, M/F/M, M/M/F, Menage, Toys, Spanking, BDSM, Anal play/Intercourse
Rating: 5 Cherries
Reviewed by Honeysuckle

Julian Lodge has everything a man could want. He’s rich, successful and owns the most exclusive BDSM club in Dallas. But something is missing.

Finn Taylor has worked his way up in the world from humble beginnings in Willow Fork, Texas. The only thing he still loves in his hometown is Danielle Bay. He never told her he was actually bisexual, and he never confessed his love for her. Now she’s getting married, and Finn is sure he’s lost his chance with the only person he’ll ever love.

Julian’s vacation to the Barnes-Fleetwood ranch brings them all together. After Dani jumps into Julian’s car while fleeing her wedding, Julian knows he has to have her. But nothing is easy in Willow Fork. A danger from Julian’s past threatens them all. Julian will have to convince both Dani and Finn that being his will be the best decision they ever made.

In a move that would have impressed Burt and Sally (think Smokey and the Bandit circa 1977), Danielle “Dani” Bay literally launches herself into the car of the Master of Masters, one Julian Lodge, in an effort to escape a loveless union and finally take control of her destiny.

Welcome back to Willow Fork, Texas, the old biddies are still small minded, the gossip mills are running strong and the richest family in town, the Barnes-Fleetwoods, are still in league with the d-e-v-i-l. This reviewer was thrilled to return for an exciting new story that had me losing sleep rather than putting down my eReader.

In the third installment of the Texas Sirens series, we go where no man or woman has gone before, into the past and the heart of The Club owner, Julian Lodge -- you may call him Sir. We were introduced to Julian in book 2 of the series when Jack, Sam and Abby travel to Dallas to clean up a family problem.

How to describe Julian Lodge??? In a word he is INTENSITY personified. Have you ever known anyone who had so much charisma and stage presence that people stop and stare when they walk into a room? That is Julian Lodge. Ms. Oak does an amazing job of building up this powerful, self-confident, aloof man in the minds of the readers as well as the characters and then literally brings him to his knees for the love of a woman who manages to carve out a part of his seemingly impenetrable heart.

Actually, it isn’t just any woman who wins over Julian. Dani’s best friend and secret love of her life, Finn Taylor, is the other corner of this beautiful triad. Again, Ms. Oak works her magic of character building when we meet Finn. He’s completely in love with and loyal to Dani and is willing to be a slave to Julian if it means being by her side. The reader gets a glimpse into the hellacious teen years after Finn realized he was attracted to men as well as women. Like Finn, we are treated to a screen shot of Dani’s painful years of growing up as poor white trash in Willow Fork. Watching the changes in both Dani and Finn once they become involved with Julian were truly breathtaking and poignant.

I could go on and on about the many layers of this amazing book but you really just need to read it to understand. You don’t have to have read the first two in the series to enjoy Siren Enslaved but it helps to get to know the secondary characters that are present. One of the aspects of the story I really enjoyed was that it smoothly shifts POV from Dani, Finn and Julian. It was easy to become emotionally invested in the story when I could better understand the characters motivation.

Since starting reviewing I have been “introduced” to a lot of terrific writers but there are a dozen or so that I consider truly outstanding story tellers. Sophie Oak is one of those. No matter if she takes you to Bliss, Colorado, a private island, a secluded ranch or Willow Fork, Texas you walk away knowing you have been a part of a fantastic and well developed adventure.

If you look for stories that tug at your heart strings while stealing your breath you will love Siren Enslaved. I know I did.

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