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Monday, March 21, 2011

Two Step Temptation by Emma Jay

Two Step Temptation by Emma Jay
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (38 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 Cherries
Reviewed by Poppy

They have a history. A future may be more than she’s willing to give.
Haven Reynolds is stunned when her ex-lover Eric Viera turns up at their mutual friends’ wedding. Her sources told her he was safely a continent away, doing his anthropology thing. Instead she’s scrambling to figure out how to fend off his particularly potent brand of charm.

At least, that’s what she tells herself.

Several months in a Costa Rican jungle hasn’t dulled Eric’s memory of the two weeks he spent with the sexy spitfire. He’d even enjoyed the challenge of breaking through her walls—the warm, passionate woman he’d uncovered had been worth the effort. He’d like nothing better than to pick up where they left off, except those walls are back in place, stronger than ever.

Much to Haven’s dismay, Eric takes her in his arms for a rehearsal-dinner dance. In a split second, it all comes back—the memories, the lust and laughter, the intimacy and control she’s never allowed any other man. Falling for him again is out of the question, but a weekend of hot sex is an indulgence she can’t resist.

Except Eric hasn’t come back to Texas just for the wedding. He’s come for her.

If you want a story full of heat and heart, then look no further than Two Step Temptation. This isn’t a story for hardcore erotic readers – the sex is pretty vanilla and straightforward, but the story grabbed me right by the heart and didn’t let go.

Sometimes I read stories and think, “Why don’t they see that they’re in love with each other? It’s so obvious!”. This was one of those stories. The hero was amazing, and I fell half in love with him myself. I admit to getting frustrated at the heroine, trying to keep their relationship secret. In this day and age, Haven’s concern didn’t feel entirely authentic. And worse, I could see how it tore at our hero, Eric’s heart every time she told him that she didn’t want to “go public”.

Eric was incredibly understanding, truly romantic and oh-so hot. Sexy, concerned, and always ready. Where author Emma Jay excelled was in building the sexual tension with little touches, a glance, a word. For the first several pages, I held my breath ... waiting. I shivered with Haven when Eric touched her face or whispered in her ear. How could she resist?

Thankfully, she didn’t for very long and where the tension was amazing, the sex was even better. Perhaps it was “vanilla”, but Ms. Jay didn’t waste an opportunity and skillfully placed us right in the bedroom (and a few other places) with Eric and Haven. With evocative descriptions, she helped me feel each brush of their fingers, each shiver of need, each hot, desperate kiss.

Even better? The ending was sweet enough to make my heart sigh.

So, if you’re looking for a smoking hot romance that covers all the bases, I highly recommend Two Step Temptation. It’ll satisfy you, body and soul.

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