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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Viking Seduction: Blood Slave by Brannan Black

Viking Seduction: Blood Slave by Brannan Black
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (83 pgs)
Other: M/F, Forced Seduction, toys
Rating: 4 Cherries
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

Kierra's been trying to get Dekker's attention since they first met. His Nordic good looks and old world charm send shivers of heat straight through her every time she sees him.

An invitation to a vampire-themed rave seems like just the thing to help him see her as more than a friend -- until she discovers it's not just a theme. And now she's tangled up in a world she thought only existed in romance novels -- only these vampires are far from hunky knights in shining armor.

It's the twenty-first century. Who keeps slaves anymore? Other than really, really old vampires...

What’s not to like about a romance writing Viking vampire? I guess it could be the folks he hangs around with or the fact that once a person knows about vampires they can never leave. But would they really want to?

The book is told from the Dekker’s first person point of view and Kierra’s first person point of view, alternating between chapters.

There is a lot that goes on in this book. There are old rivalries and betrayals, political power plays and innocence lost. Kierra’s life is completely altered when a villain from Dekker’s past shows up and raises the ante by kidnapping her. It’s the pivotal moment when their budding romance gets accelerated to the point of no return. I liked that both the hero and heroine liked each other before the conflict started because it made it plausible for what came afterwards.

Dekker is a man of many talents and years. I thought it was really hot when the author had Kierra read something that Dekker wrote. I bet that was a lot of fun. I also appreciated the fact that Ms. Black had the hero advancing and changing with the times. He didn’t completely stick to the old ways and in fact participated in history instead of surviving in the periphery. I like vampire stories where they contribute to society, not solely reaping the benefits of humans while thinking themselves above it all. However, for their safety, I can also understand why certain ancient customs had to be followed and if not, the story wouldn’t have been half as interesting as it was.

Poor Kierra had a difficult time assimilating to her new role in life during the course of this story. The extreme measure that Dekker had to take to prove to her that vampires existed was sort of gross but it sure got the job done. That being said, once she realized that she was more to Dekker than the title he called her, she blossomed and the emotional and sensual heat set the pages ablaze throughout the story. Paranormal erotic romance lovers should find what they are looking for within the pages of Blood Slave because the author provided numerous opportunities for the two to explore the benefits of Kierra being more than his blood slave.

Although the back and forth between the first person POVs seemed a bit disjointed, I thought the dialogue flowed smoothly and I liked the conflict. I also enjoyed Segrun, Dekker’s sister, and thought the author did an awesome job of describing hers and her companions’ entrance at one point in the story. That was super cool.

I sort of wished that both Kierra’s and Dekker’s characters were a bit more developed than they were but the author gave me enough to enjoy the story and I certainly did have a good time reading this book.

Viking Seduction: Blood Slave is a fascinating look into a seductive and highly addicting world of vampires and their relationships with humans. I enjoyed the world building and I think both Nate and Segrun show true potential for strong characters in future books. For those readers who enjoy it like I do, there’s plenty of bite action making this book a hot read. Try it and see.

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