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Monday, March 14, 2011

Wolfman: Revelations by Brannan Black

Wolfman: Revelations by Brannan Black
Publisher: Changeling Press LLC
Genre: Paranormal, Sci-fi/fantasy
Length: Short Story (94 pages)
Other: M/M, anal sex, violence
Rating: 3.5 cherries
Review By: Myrtle

The world fell apart after a virus killed billions, and turned most male survivors into violent wolfmen. That left the world in the hands of a lot of lonely women... As the last gay man standing, how much worse could things get?

I thought getting captured by said wolfmen -- who don't tolerate smart mouthed humans -- topped the list. Although that turned out to have a silver lining named Mace. Best sex of my life and he cares enough to fight for me. Life was starting to look up, in a kinda weird way.

That's when Murphy's Law kicked in. All those lonely women I was escaping? They want me back, even if they have to kill my lover to get me. And then there's my mother. How the hell do you introduce your alpha wolfman lover to your mother, the man-eating former head of surgery?

Toss in a psychotic major, a wolfman willing to start a war to take Mace's place and a whole lot of mistrust. Old Murphy is having a damned field day...

I was in a mad rush to pick up Wolfman: Revelations the week it hit the online bookstore and had to start it just as soon as it downloaded onto my computer, settling in for a long winter night of reading.

Wolfman: Revelations picks up where the first book left off so personally I recommend reading Wolfman: Apocalypse first or you will get the feeling of being dropped into the middle of the story and miss some of the important details about the two main characters and not really able to enjoy the plot play out.

Daniel, big mouth human and Mace, Alpha Wolfman teach each other how to trust and survive the post virus world together. One has lived in fear of the beast, and memories of the world before the virus while the other lives with no memories of his past and the instincts of a wolf and pack live where only the strongest survives. Together they work to try to find away where humans and wolfmen can co-exist.

Brannan Black did a wonderful job in creating a unique post-apocalypse story. It's amazingly well written with a lot of action and Alpha sex. A tale that will make you laugh and draws you in to a point you find yourself talking to the characters and trying to help them out when they let their mouths get them into trouble.

If you like to think outside the box and imagine the future or if you just enjoy Paranormal stories, you will find this book worth reading. I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series when it comes out and can't recommend this series enough. Why don't you grab yourself a copy?

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