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Friday, April 15, 2011

Breaking Logan's Laws by Cameron Dane

Breaking Logan's Laws by Cameron Dane
Publisher: Loose Id
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (260 pgs)
Other: M/M, anal sex
Rating: 4 cherries
Reviewed by Cactus

Newly named head of Quinn Security Investigations, retired detective Logan Jeffries believes in law and order. Everything should have its place. A personal life should never interfere with work. Relationships should have their own rules too. Logan lives by his own laws -- five precisely. As long as he follows them, all is right in his regimented world.

Nate Jordan wishes he could say no when assigned to work with Logan. Nate has never forgotten Logan’s kindness the night they met. In the three years since, his crush has only grown. This partnership will surely end in disaster, but Nate cannot walk away.

Quickly, Logan and Nate delve into the search for a missing socialite. Nothing else should occupy Logan’s thoughts. The only problem? Nate is determined and sweet, and working with him awakens Logan’s deepest desires. Logan won’t break his laws, though. Not even for the gentlest, sexiest man in the world.

Meanwhile, Nate is falling harder and faster for Logan every day they’re together. The craziest damn thing is he thinks he senses attraction under Logan’s controlled facade. Nate will have to break every one of Logan’s laws to capture the man of his dreams.

The laws of the heart may be the hardest but most rewarding to break. Logan is so used to protecting himself and keeping his life private that it’s instinctive. Although Logan has left the police department and is starting a new career at Quinn Security, old habits are hard to break. Especially when he discovers his new partner is sexy, adorable Nate. Nate has had a crush on Logan for years but is determined to keep it hidden from the taciturn man. When the two are thrown together for days on end, though, sparks fly and they can’t resist. Yet breaking through Logan’s laws may be the toughest fight Nate’s ever had.

Breaking Logan’s Laws is an entertaining, familiar romance. Fans of the Quinn series will be happy to see Nate and Logan finally get together while those new to the series will have no problems picking this book up on its own. The plot involves the missing daughter of a wealthy family specializing in imports. While Nate and Logan scour the city for clues, their natural chemistry keeps their focus on each other and what they’d like to be doing. This offers a lot of sex scenes for fans and the romance is definitely the main focus. Logan and Nate dance around each other, not wanting to get involved for their own reasons, before finally giving into the explosive desire between them.

The story doesn’t end there though as Logan tries to protect himself from falling in love and Nate isn’t willing to let that happen. The case they work on is a good backdrop as it moves the plot along in between sex and emotional scenes. The couple are good together and fun to watch as they circle around each other before finally admitting their feelings. Some of this feels repetitive and the story feels a little long. It drags in some places but added details and scenes about the missing girl case help alleviate that feeling.

Some of the writing may not be to all readers’ tastes though those familiar with this author won’t have a problem. The prose choices tend to be exaggerated and a bit over the top while the descriptions can border on clinical, especially when talking about various sex organs and body parts. This isn’t enough to ruin the book and fans won’t have a problem with this. Overall Breaking Logan’s Laws is a good addition to the series. Fans and newcomers alike should enjoy the heady romance and solid happy ending between two likable and very sexy characters. This is an easy story to recommend.

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