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Friday, April 1, 2011

Come Back To Me by Julia Rachel Barrett

Come Back To Me by Julia Rachel Barrett
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (236 pages)
Other: M/F, Rape, Physical, Emotional and Mental Abuse, Extreme Violence toward a heroine
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Reviewed By Canterbury Bell

Sometimes the safest path is to keep people at a distance…especially men.

Cara’s life has been one nightmare after another. Abused as a child and neglected by her parents, she’s quick to blame herself for every cruel thing that happens to her. And then there’s James, the only man capable of making her forget her misgivings and learn to love again.

James, a young doctor in training, is aware of Cara’s history. He’s determined to break through her barriers and build a life with her…and fails. Cara runs away in an attempt to reinvent herself and James fears he’s lost her for good. When she falls into the hands of a drug dealer and mob boss, life as they know it is about to get a whole lot worse.

Can their love withstand the demons of her past and present?

In every life at one time or another a person needs a hero, a savior or just someone to hear their cries and call for help. Sometimes that help arrives in time and sometimes it comes a little late. But whenever it comes it is always with welcome relief.

Cara is a young, awkward sixth grade girl who is sheltered and ignorant of the ways of the world but most importantly about the changes that occurring within her own body. She becomes the perfect prey for the perfect predator...her father's law partner who happens to be their neighbor and her best friend's father. After continuous assaults on her body over time he is finally caught trying to attack another neighbor child. Her parents reaction to this sets up a pattern of poor choices and horrendous events that continue to occur throughout her life. Meeting Dr. James Mackie is the saving grace for her and changes her forever. But events occur that tear them apart and what follows is nothing that anyone could have predicted.

Come Back to Me is a truly disturbing story to digest. Cara is a victim is so many ways. She is naive, trusting and rebellious all at the same time. When she finally sees some sort of salvation in James, she believes that she can live the life she always wanted. James is truly enamored with Cara and willing to do what he can to secure her safety and her happiness. His confidence, intelligence and heart make him the perfect hero in a story such as this. This is who you want to come to your rescue.

Julia Rachel Barrett shows what a gifted writer she is by bringing the sequence of events to light and at the same time never losing the emotional pull that is required to maintain the reader's attention.

Be prepared to be horrified and offended by many of the deeds of the people around Cara but also be prepared to care for her so deeply that you wait for her revenge.

The language and the dialogue is graphic and violent and the story covers so many different geographical locations you will be amazed at what is packed between the book covers.

Excellent story, excellent writing and a difficult subject matter make this a do not miss event on paper.


Julia Barrett said...

Wow, thanks so much for this powerful review. I just leaned about it!

Katalina Leon said...

I read this book through a haze of tears but found it very uplifting as well. The material was written so beautifully that I felt "safe" with the author and was able to immerse myself in Cara's story. "Come Back to Me" is an excellent book that will stay with me for a very long time.

Sharon Hamilton said...

I can see why they gave a great review. This book is fantastic!

Ciara said...

I couldn't put the book down. Fantastic read, Julia!