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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dragos 3: Blazed by Amber Kallyn

Dragos 3: Blazed by Amber Kallyn
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (91 Pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Reviewed by Holly

When someone comes after the rock band Brianna Jones works with, she must not only embrace the fire nymph within herself, but also the growing desire she feels for bounty hunter and dragon shifter Tyler Dragos. Together, they will try keeping not only the band members, but Bree safe from the dark mage hounding the Dragos Clan.

Dragos: Blazed is Amber Kallyn’s third story in the Dragos saga. Each story tells a little more about this fantastic world, filled with all manner of supernatural beings. I was originally drawn to this series because of the dragons, but I quickly fell in love with the whole world Ms. Kallyn created, and its inhabitants. The characters each have a unique personality and the stories are well crafted and action filled.

Pyrotechnics is Brianna Jones’ specialty, and she has an inside track on the art. A fire nymph, she does the setups for The Grave Diggers, a popular rock band on tour. When things go wrong at the first of three shows in Phoenix, Bree knows she did everything right, and that someone sabotaged her work. She even has the approval of the inspector, Ty Dragos, vouching for her expertise. But something is going on Bree doesn’t understand, and Ty needs to keep his eyes open for trouble. The black mage that has been capturing magical beings and stealing their power has targeted someone in the band. What neither Ty nor Bree realize is that he is after Bree. They also don’t know what to do about the fire growing between them, because neither is looking for a relationship. Can these two accept what is happening between them? Will the black mage be stopped, or will he once again start stealing power from innocents?

Brianna ‘Bree’ Jones is determined to remain self-reliant, wanting no one or nothing to tie her in one place. She is a fire nymph, and has realized that love isn’t for her, after some disastrous early relationships. She doesn’t believe any male can survive her fire, and has accepted her solitary state. She is strong and loyal, and fights to protect her friends. I enjoyed watching her discover love for the first time in her life, and her attempts to deny how she felt were delightful.

Tyler ‘Ty’ Dragos is strong and independent. He has always been the ‘love them and leave them’ type, at least until now. But the heat between him and Bree has his mind in a whirl. He is afraid he will lose her to the black mage, once they determine she is the target. He is in unfamiliar territory, wanting to protect this woman who already has a hold on his heart. I loved watching him come to terms with his emotions for the first time.

The blazing heat between these two fiery beings, dragon and nymph, is all consuming to them. They fight the attraction as long as they can, but very soon, they give in to the burning desire surging between them. When the black mage makes his move, it will take everything in them both to stop him from stealing Bree’s power. There are two very powerful scenes in this story, and they serve to bring Bree and Ty closer than ever. Do they get a happy ever after? Read Dragos: Blazed to find out.

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