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Friday, April 1, 2011

Heart of Stone by Angela Claire

Heart of Stone by Angela Claire
Publishing: Siren Publishing
Genre: Historical Western
Length: Short Story (103 Pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3.5 Cherries
Reviewed by Canterbury Bell

Widowed Colorado cowboy Jake Stone has a baby to take care of. But when he asks his aunt to come west to help, she sends Melinda O'Chauncey instead...a walking, talking inspiration for sex if Jake ever saw one. But Jake has no intention of ever marrying again, so he vows to keep his hands off the sexy new nursemaid. Easier said than done!

As skittish as Jake is about matrimony, Melinda couldn't marry the handsome cowboy, even if he got down on his knees and begged her. She has secrets of her own that she hopes are far, far behind in Boston.

Add to that a rash of mysterious happenings on the ranch that make Jake's wife's death a question mark, and a wedding may turn out to be the least of Melinda and Jake's problems. In fact, it looks like a funeral might be in store for them instead.

You gotta love a cowboy. They have a knack of complicating life more than it already is.

Jake Stone needs someone to care for his baby girl since the passing of his wife. But life on a ranch in 1869 Colorado is not easy. Out of desperation Jake write to an elderly Aunt for her help. Knowing her nephew the way she does, Jakes aunt sends Melinda; young, energetic, motherly and most importantly very beautiful. Just what he needs, if he can keep his biological urges under control. Jake is struggling along just fine until Melinda turns to tables on him.

As Jake and Melinda forge their way through their predicament, life throws them curves at every turn, including an a unexpected additional admirer and a beautiful, wealthy neighbor and her father, who would do anything to gain Jake and his money for his daughter and his own agenda.

Heart of Stone is an excellent addition to the historical western genre. It contains all the elements of what is required: the handsome hero, the beautiful, innocent heroine, the evil, dangerous villain, and the difficult daily struggles of life on a ranch. The private moments between the main characters are stressful, funny and charming especially when our hero tries to maintain his dignity in the face of his own shortcomings. The story flows freely and you wait to see the outcome of their stumbling with their newfound hearts desires.

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