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Friday, April 1, 2011

Loving Two Vampires by Cassandra Pierce

Loving Two Vampires by Cassandra Pierce
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (125 pages)
Other: M/F, M/F/M, Menage
Rating: 3.5 Cherries
Reviewed by Honeysuckle

Lindsay Tanner arrives at Purgatory, a private nightclub north of Darkisle, to study the strange clientele who frequent it. Though she believes the people there are simply indulging in sexual fetishism, she is in for a shock when she realizes that they really are what they pretend to be: vampires. She also does what no researcher should do and becomes involved with two men, Caine and Gabriel, vampires who share an unusual bond.

Both have secrets, and each seems out to destroy the other. Lindsay must find a way to bring them together and resolve her attraction to—not to mention satisfy her lust—for both of them.

If denial is a river in Egypt then I have no doubt Lindsay Tanner is its queen. Lindsay is a doctorate student that has decided to make “The Truth About Vampires” her thesis. She has been interested in those men and women whom, she reasons, go to extremes to pretend to be the mythical creatures. Lindsay’s plan is simple: infiltrate the secretive club where the “vampires” play, blend, take notes and leave. The plan does not include becoming involved with a vampire wannabe much less two.

Caine and Gabriel display all the appropriate signs of vampirism (affinity for biting and blood drinking, aversion to daylight, unnaturally cold skin…) but it’s not until she sees them as sleeping dead that she is finally convinced they are more than role playing Goth vampire posers.

Ms. Pierce has written a terrific follow-up to her first Darkisle story, Heirs To Darkisle. Lindsay is a pretty normal woman who simply must be convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that the men she has agreed to go home with are indeed vampires. She’s grown up in an average town and is ready to find some excitement and her doctoral thesis assignment provides a means to an end. Lindsay’s naïveté was fun to watch from a distance since I knew going in that Caine and Gabriel were indeed vampires. The reader is treated to watching her gradually take in the big picture and come to the realization that Caine and Gabriel are more than ever imagined. Along the way, she takes some pretty scary risks that most thinking women wouldn't take, considering she doesn’t really know these men and suspects they may be a little mentally unstable but this is a romance story so everything works to the advantage of the story and the building relationship.

Speaking of Caine and Gabriel, they are very much the anti-hero yet they command the attention of the audience. They have a volatile history that spans more than 150 years and many shared women but Lindsay is the first in a long time. I liked how Ms. Pierce created two very unique vampire characters. Caine is controlled and has accepted his limitations as a vampire. Gabriel still has resentment and anger that he has never dealt with regarding being turned. They both feel an attraction to Lindsay that seems to go beyond the physical.

Loving Two Vampires is a pretty quick read that kept me engaged all the way through. The story is well developed and the characters have lovely chemistry. If you like a little darkness and angst with your vampire story, you should consider picking up a copy of Loving Two Vampires. You won’t be disappointed.

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