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Monday, April 18, 2011

Pushing Her Boundaries by Julia Rachel Barrett

Pushing Her Boundaries by Julia Rachel Barrett
Publisher: Siren Publishing, Inc.
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (156 pgs)
Other: M/F, Anal Play
Rating: 3.5 Cherries
Reviewed by Dahlia

Maggie is done with men. Flying to Minneapolis, she’s seated beside the type of man she always falls for. A sexy, arrogant alpha jerk.

Mace Williams irritates the woman next to him. She's so damn sexy, he doesn't care. When their seatmate suffers a cardiac arrest, Maggie and Mace team up to save his life, but it's too late.

In Minneapolis, Maggie heads to a restaurant with her sister, only to find Mace waiting. Worse, she learns he's the brother of her sister's fiancé.

Stuck in her sister’s apartment with Mace, Maggie offers him one night of sex, anything goes. No obligations, no recriminations. Mace agrees...he wants more than Maggie's body, he wants her heart.

Thrown into a disastrous canoe trip, they must work together to survive. Maggie must face her demons and trust Mace with her life. Mace is determined to save her, regardless of what the future brings.

After a string of failed relationships, it’s only natural that a girl go into "heart-protection" mode. Sometimes that might make her look like a cold-hearted witch, but what else can she do? It doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s not willing to have a good time with a man; just leave the emotions at the door. For Maggie this is exactly the case. She’s intelligent, outgoing, and caring, but she’s also way too responsible and doesn’t let herself enjoy life like she should. After agreeing to join a canoeing trip she meets a man who just might be her undoing.

Mace has never met a woman more annoying than Maggie or more perfect for him. He knows that she’s been hurt in the past and he was able to size her up fairly quickly from the start. Only trouble is that Maggie thinks she's got him pegged as being just like every other man she's had an unfortunate experience with. He'll just have to show her otherwise and push her in ways that will force her to see him differently and the possibilities.

The writing is witty and entertaining. Everything kicks off from the beginning, so diving right into the story is not an issue and the pacing is appropriate to a whirlwind of eroticism, romance, and disaster. Both Maggie and Mace rely on each other for different aspects of security, confidence, and skill during their doomed adventure. This story sort of chronicles how a horrible experience can bring two people together. I was a bit disappointed with the wrap-up of the ending. It came about too quickly and didn’t provide answers to a small mystery involving secondary characters. However, this story is a fun and amusing read with an undercurrent of emotional depth that readers will appreciate.

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