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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Someone To Love Me by Tory Richards

Someone To Love Me by Tory Richards
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (210 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Reviewed by Dahlia

When Charlie’s plane goes down in a remote Alaskan wilderness she knows she’s in big trouble. She didn’t have time to radio in her position. It looks like her decision to surprise her parents on their wedding anniversary wasn’t such a good idea. Now lost and in freezing temperatures, her chances of survival look bleak.

As Charlie heads out on foot, she faces a new danger when a white wolf appears. And right behind him is her salvation. A quiet mountain man with secrets, who takes her to his one-room cabin, where she finds herself stranded for the winter. To make matters worse, there’s an instant attraction between them they both try to resist.

Hard to do when she’s sleeping in his bed! Before long they give into a temptation stronger than their wills, and find survival, and the chance to love again, in each other’s arms.

She fell from the sky and crash-landed in the middle of nowhere in the middle of winter. Her rescuer came in the form of an elusive mountain man and his pet wolf. What starts out as a search and rescue mission turns into a life-changing and seemingly fated romance.

Having escaped a life filled with daily reminders of a personal tragedy, Luke is content to live of off mother nature for his continued means of survival. As an aloof mountain man, he is a man of action and has very little need for words or emotion. When Charlie suddenly enters his existence, Luke's hurtful words say one thing, but his physical response to her says another. Slightly confused, Charlie continues her relentless pursuit of getting him to open up and explore not only his past, but his denied feelings for her as well. Once the ice starts to melt things really begin to heat up. Desires long held in check come racing to the surface in the face of so much remembered loss. The results are not only physically explosive, but Luke and Charlie are emotionally unprepared for the inevitable.

Ms. Richards does a beautiful job in expressing the angst, frustration, and desire between Luke and Charlie. The plot is uncomplicated and easy to follow with the focus of the story on the main characters. They both have personal baggage and have each sought out the solitude of the Alaska wilderness as a means of escape. Wanting to be as undisturbed as his surroundings, Luke doesn’t want someone invading his space. His icy temperament immediately leaves Charlie with the impression that something deep affected him in such a way as to remove himself from the rest of the world. This presents her with a challenge she can’t ignore, so she starts chipping away at the icy layers of his reserve looking for a more human connection.

Charlie’s appealing personality and bold attitude make her the perfect combatant to Luke’s self-inflicted lonely existence. It’s the fear of losing control over his emotions and giving in to his desire for Charlie that has Luke back-peddling from her. There is no escape and soon the ice will crack, but what happens when it does?

This is a must read for all lovers of romance and it contains elements relatable to anyone who has loved and lost only to unexpectedly find love again. The passionate moments between the characters are breathtakingly described and the emotions conveyed are vivid. If you haven't had the pleasure of reading a Tory Richards story, this is the perfect introduction to her work and a highly recommended read.

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Tory Richards said...

OMG...thank you for a beautiful review! I am just now discovering it, and was notified that it's up for Book of the Week! You've made my day:)