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Monday, May 16, 2011

And the Prompt Is by Em Woods, JR Boyd, Haven Fellows, Lee Brazil, Hank Edwards

And the Prompt Is by Em Woods, JR Boyd, Haven Fellows, Lee Brazil, Hank Edwards
Book One
Publisher: The Story Orgy
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (201 pages)
Other: M/M, anal play/intercourse, toys
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Reviewed by Honeysuckle

Picking Up Quinn by Em Woods
Will racer Quinn Rowan and tow truck driver Liam Nelson find that love is enough to cross even the greatest divide?

Finding Pleasure by JR Boyd
This yarn takes a glimpse inside the life of Paramedic, Sterling Kost, whom works side-by-side with his assigned partner and EMT, Innocenzo Lucciano (aka Cenzo). Committed to discovering a place in the hospital, Sterling and Cenzo spend their lunch break scouring Methodist Medical Center of Dallas for a secluded location where they can be alone.

Farewell by Havan Fellows
Dwight's heartache leads him to the cemetery; where lessons are waiting to be learned and second chances are freely given.

The Old Soda Shop by Lee Brazil
Former college roommates Matt and Sam have a history. Will a chance encounter in the street lead to a second chance at love?

With This Ring by Hank Edwards
The Ritz Carlton Hotel, Central Park, is one of the most elegant and romantic hotels in the world, even for its employees. When Carl, a seasoned member of the maintenance team, meets Dylan, a younger bellboy, their attraction is undeniable. Carl and Dylan meet in rooms recently vacated by guests and slowly forge a relationship, but can they overcome the difference in their ages and, somehow, fulfill Dylan's dream of spending the night as a guest in the hotel?

What do you get when a bevy of talented M/M authors come together in support of a worthy cause? An anthology of short stories that will entertain your mind, touch your heart and warm your soul.

Do you enjoy a buffet? Getting to sample a little of everything that looks good and smells delicious? Then the talented writers at The Story Orgy have a treat for you! Five of their creative ladies and gentlemen have taken the clever idea of story prompts and compiled a series of novellas that will tempt even the most “vanilla” among us to be a little curious. The stories range from a spine tingling paranormal, a humorous race against time, a heart wrenching love lost, a beautiful reunion and dream come true.

Author Em Woods’ poignant short story is Picking Up Quinn. From the moment Quinn and Liam come face to face in this intriguing paranormal you will feel their chemistry jump off the page. Ms. Woods has a beautiful and easy flowing writing style that had me invested in the outcome from page one.

Story number two is Finding Pleasure by J.R. Boyd. The story opens with an exciting ambulance ride and ends just as powerfully. Sterling and Cenzo work in a highly stressful job situation and just need a place to unwind. Their attempts to find a few minutes to relax and enjoy one another is humorous and fast passed.

The third story in this anthology is one that had me reaching for a tissue it was so heart wrenchingly beautiful. Dwight has lost his soul mate and best friend. He’s tried to move on and forget like everyone suggests but how do you continue to live when half of your heart has died? Prepare to have your heart invested in Haven Fellows soul searing short story Farewell.

From author Lee Brazil comes The Old Soda Shop. Sam isn’t ready to settle down and when he realizes that his college roommate, Max, is showing signs of wanting to be serious he runs. Fast forward ten years. Both men have matured and changed but have never forgotten what they almost had. Will they welcome the opportunity to rekindle that love lost or will pride step in and cause history to repeat itself? Max and Sam are really terrific characters that had me cheering for their HEA from the moment they see each other after so many years. This short story is well written with engaging dialogue and a nicely layered plot for a short story.

The last story comes for author Hank Edwards. With This Ring brings together a seasoned maintenance man, Carl, at the Ritz Carlton Hotel and the fresh new bell hop, Dylan. The attraction is pretty instant but neither man is willing to act on the chemistry until the perfect opportunity presents itself. It was humorous to watch how the generation difference stole into their relationship at odd moments but never became a true obstacle. There is a teacher / student dichotomy that experiences a role reversal more than once. Overall an enjoyable story that ends on a sweet note and just might have readers shedding some happy tears.

As you can see like any good buffet there’s something here for every taste…as long as M/M is what you’re craving. This was my first purely M/M experience and it more than exceeded my expectations. Pick up a copy of And the Prompt Is and enjoy an exceptional sample of these talented writers work while supporting a worthy cause: The Trevor Project. Like me, I think you’ll be glad you did!


Lee Brazil said...

Thank you for taking the time to read and review And The Prompt Is! We really appreciate it!

Dragon Lady said...

All the stories sound great! I shall be looking forward to this one.

Thanks for reviewing it and posting.

Havan said...

Thanks for this great review!

I think I can safely say that all of us with the Story Orgy had a blast doing this anthology and are blessed that people are enjoying it also!