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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Beyond the Call of Duty by Wendy Stone

Beyond the Call of Duty by Wendy Stone
Publisher: Eternal Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (124 pages)
Other: M/F, BDSM, Violence, Anal play
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Reviewed by Carnation

Who would have thought that the witness protection program could spark a romance? The witness protection program has strict rules about romance, especially a romance between the top agent and one of her witnesses, but that didn’t seem to stop Alexandra Hunter. She’d never met a man like Gabriel Elliott. Can they find a way to bend those rules? Can Lexi give in to the feelings that Gabe inspires so easily? Will they be able to have their own happily ever after?could spark a romance?

Gabe, small-time mob style criminal with honor and ideals of his own and beautiful Lexi, a highly trained, lethal US Marshall can't keep their eyes and hands off of each other. They find themselves roommates when both end up in the witness protection program. Gabe has narrowly survived an attack after witnessing a fatal hit on a close friend and his family. Alexandria, appointed to hide and protect him, has been identified by the perpetrators and an attempt has been made on her life, sending her into hiding as well.

Gabe is an outlaw in a mob posse. He is a tough, independent man with confidence and authority who is strong enough to take what he will. His recent occupation was running drugs for the mob. This man does what he wants, when he wants, and in dominant fashion expertly masters his women in the bedroom. Gabe has never been in love before and finds, to his confusion, that he's fallen quickly and deeply for Lexi, who is unlike any woman he's ever known.

Lexi is a gorgeous woman who also happens to be a dangerously competent officer of the law. She is used to getting her way and being in control in both her personal and official endeavors. She does not mix business with pleasure. But when she meets handsome, sexy Gabe, that idea goes out the window. She finds his powerful nature completely irresistible. Here is a quote that illustrates her feelings about her 'charge', and gives an eloquent example of the fluency of this author's descriptions: “He was dangerous. He was like a sleek predator, a shark in the turbulent waters of her life. He could take her under with one bite and leave her bleeding and alone.” Despite this, Lexi finds another side to Gabe and he proceeds to seduce her body and soul.

The first chapter of this book was very graphic and sexually violent, a bit too rough for me,honestly. However, I'm glad I read through the coarse details of the sex and attitudes of the gang, and let the author set the stage. She reveals a different and evolving persona for the 'hero' as the tale unfolds. The harsh nature of her writing takes a gentler turn after the story's background is set. But the further I read into the story, the more engrossed and emotionally involved I got. It is a thrilling page turner filled with action and scorching romance.

The author has an effective and direct writing style that makes her words come to life. I recommend Beyond the Call of Duty It's a very absorbing tale of unusual sexual intensity with an excellent, detailed and sophisticated plot, rife with believable, interesting people.

Let me share a couple quotes from the story that illustrate the magnetic quality of the writing as well as the complexity of the characters: “'I like you, Alexandra Hunter. I like you, and I like kissing you. I'm not going to apologize for that, or try to stop feeling this way. You make me feel like this is some kind of adventure, and I'm not giving it up.' He lifted her chin and dropped his head, finding her lips with his.” And, “His thick fingers were as delicate as a master pianist sitting down to play a complicated piece. ”

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