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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Demon's Kiss by V.J. Devereaux

Demon's Kiss by V.J. Devereaux
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (136 pages)
Other: M/F, Anal Play
Rating: 5 cherries
Reviewed by Clematis

Gabriel Nicholas is kidnapped and dragged into a vast, underground chamber. Spotlighted in the center of that room is something—someone?—quite unbelievable. He’s also, without doubt, the most magnificent specimen of masculine beauty she has ever seen. He is absolutely stunning.

Despite the circumstances, Gabriel burns to touch all that gorgeous, gleaming skin—a living palette of shifting red and black. She wants to run her fingers through his silken, ebony hair, feel those strong hands on her flesh, feel that sinuous tail twine around her body as it twines around his.

He is Asmodeus, the Demon of Lust. He is legend come to life. Able to shift from demon to human form, Asmodeus must feed on sex and the blood of women to sustain his power. Gabriel has been brought here for him. To slake his every need. But she soon realizes that Asmodeus is just as much a captive as she is.

If this is the first in the series, I'm sitting up cute and begging for more! I absolutely loved "Demon's Kiss"; it has a great premise and absorbing characters; I adored the emotional bond and instant connection between Amadeus and Gabriel and the sexual heat between these two was absolutely scorching. What that boy could do with his tail left me breathless and panting for more…

Who would have thought been kidnapped , forced to submit and be the sex slave to a living, breathing demon, would mean instant recognition by Gabriel and Asmodeus of their one true mate in the other.

But how to protect the woman he knows should be his, when he too is a prisoner? This is just one of the challenges Asmodeus must face. He never thought he’d have a woman like Gabriel, his very own angel, to love him and need him and who is brave and strong enough to be there to help not only him, but his brothers in the Demonae too.

With a villain you’ll love to hate, a heroine you can’t help but want to emulate and a hoard of handsome shape-shifting Demonae stud-muffins, you'll be ripping your bodices open for air!

It’s not just erotic, although it very definitely is. It’s not just sensual or filled with some of the hottest yet poignant sex scenes I’ve read to date, though it’s all that too. It’s a love story, pure and simple, and the sexual act, the inevitable coming together of Gabriel and Asmodeus is nothing short of euphoric.

Well done V. J. Devereaux! I'm keen as mustard to snap up everything else you've written and have you on autobuy.

"Demon's Kiss" is a short story with impact; one that will twist and pull the heart strings, and leave you panting for more. Do yourself a favor and don’t miss this one. I know I'm already eagerly anticipating book two!

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