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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Emissary to the Stars by Viola Grace

Emissary to the Stars by Viola Grace
Hashka Chronicles 3
Publisher: Extasy Books
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (110 Pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Reviewed by Holly

Siri has worked her way through the temple of Ilshara until the goddess tapped her as the Emissary. With her life now revolving around worshipers and organizing the temple she has no time for herself and with the great festival coming up, she needs some me time. She asks the goddess for some time off and is shocked to her toes when it is granted. Life on Allacor is calm, serene and has a slow rhythm that Siri enjoys as she spends her days in baggy clothing that are completely different from her Emissary clothing. While the goddess lets Siri's biology come back to its rhythm, Mirkan, the next clan leader of the Sorro clan is there to seduce her into an attachment to his world. Time passes swiftly and when the representatives from her home world find her she is caught and her disguise stripped bare. When the goddess inside comes out to put her foot down, she surprises her Emissary with a plan for this new world. A plan that includes Siri.

The Hashka Chronicles is Viola Grace’s newest creation; a race of blue skinned, highly sensual beings, with sentient stars and their emissaries and avatars helping to guide and protect their subjects.

As Emissary to Ilshara, High Priestess Siralinalia Mzwin takes her duties seriously. With the great festival just three months away, Siri needs time to herself to prepare for the demands that will be put on her body by those seeking Ilshara’s favor.

When the star offers Siri a chance to take time away from the temple, she contacts her friend Tahsha to find out if the offer of a place to stay and visit is still open. After setting up last minute details for the temple, Siri embarks on her vacation, eagerly looking forward to being an anonymous young woman. When she discovers that she has arrived just as the harvest is beginning, Siri offers her experience as a reaper driver in exchange for her room and board at Tahsha’s family farm. And it seems, Ilshara has an ulterior motive for Siri’s trip: the temple at Allacor has been neglected, and Siri will visit undercover to see for the star’s enlightenment.

Upon meeting Tahsha’s brother Mirkan, Siri feels an attraction for the first time in her life. And Mirkan is more than he appears: he is the emissary for Karim, the star who has been seeking his mate, Ilshara for many years. Will Siri enjoy her time away from the temple, and fit in with life on a farm again? Can she, and Ilshara, resist the charms of their suitors, Mirkan and Karim? And is there a solution that will allow Siri and Mirkan to have a life together?

I love the worlds Ms. Grace creates, and the Hashka are particularly entertaining. The characters are all well crafted and enjoyable, and the world is a mix of advanced technology and primitive life that fascinates the reader.

Siri is delightful. When not in the temple at her duties as emissary, she is strong, confident and just a little rebellious. I enjoyed watching her become the farm girl she once was, and her independent streak when she protected both herself and Tahsha from unwanted attention. I also enjoyed her shock when she discovered her ‘mission’ on Allacor and the presence of Ilshara with her.

Mirkan is strong and handsome, and I enjoyed watching as her slowly worked his way into Siri’s heart as well as her mind. I also enjoyed watching his attempts to teach Siri to dance, and his jealous reaction to other men near Siri. I was surprised to find that Mirkan was also an emissary, and enjoyed the reaction Siri had when Karim revealed his presence to Ilshara.

This is a hot but sweet romance, a story of righting wrongs and of new beginnings. The problems Siri encounters while trying to hide her true identity are a delight, and the revelation of who she is comes at the perfect point in this story. I recommend this series for all who enjoy passion and romance, with just a bit of fantasy to it.

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