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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Indecent Encounters Menage Anthology

Indecent Encounters Menage Anthology by Amarinda Jones, Delilah Hunt, Erin O’Riordan, Pepper Anthony, Ashlynn Monroe, Tessa Morelock, Melissa Hosack, Angelina Rain, ed. Bonnie Brown
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Holiday, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (180 pages)
Other: BDSM, M/F, M/F/M, M/F/F, F/F, M/M, F/M/M, F/M/M/M/M/M, F/M/M/M, Ménage, Multiple Partners, Anal Play, Forced Seduction, Spanking, Voyeurism
Rating: 3.5 cherries
Reviewed by Iris

Sometimes a woman needs more than a lover…

Independent, lustful ladies find pleasure and intrigue with more than one man, from a scandalous vacation in Australia, to a forced seduction at a cabin in the woods. A witch needs to break a shameful spell, and an older woman slakes her sexual needs with two younger men. Cougars purr with unrequited desire and werewolves compete for the love of their mate. Satisfaction is just a sigh away as a surgeon bends the rules for her patient, and an over-stressed boss finds more than a little peace with secret admirers.

Find out what wicked delights await you with Indecent Encounters.

There is something for everyone in this ménage anthology. Whether your tastes run from a simple threesome to a group, strangers to long-term friends, very private to sex on the street, this book has a little something for you. The caveat is that you probably will not enjoy each and every story in this book, but you may find something new to interest you.

Raw Amarinda Jones
Possibly the most “shocking” story in the collection, this story incorporates the main female character with up to five men. There is plenty of violence as well as oral sex, sex in public, and plenty of voyeurism. There is also one scene that includes some M/M interaction. This story has lots of sex and lets the reader know how Poppy is feeling when faced with the multiple sexual opportunities she is given. Not for the faint of heart, but worth reading at least once.

Taken by Three Delilah Hunt
Starting out as revenge at Herb Walker for wrongly putting Ryder Lawson in jail, three brothers plot to steal Evie, his daughter. Kidnapped, being used as their sexual slave, and having no one to miss her, Evie deals with the new experience of being held captive, being shared, and enjoying the new experience. There are plenty of tender moments to counteract the anger and rough sex. There are also several M/F love scenes to complement the times when the brothers all take their turns. This story also has its romance story ending, making it a sexy romantic read.

Post Op Erin O’Riordan
A romantic story with a hot three-way thrown in for good measure. After performing back surgery, Maggie finds herself oddly attracted to her patient and his male lover. After trying to distance herself from them, she finds herself at their apartment watching a basketball game with their friends. Things heat up when their friends leave. Maggie gets an insight into their relationship and gets a taste of both of them. It does not stand out as a story, but gets interest from the conflict of sleeping with a patient as well as joining an existing m/m relationship.

The Birthday Surprise Pepper Anthony
My favorite story of the bunch. The sex (despite involving three people) isn’t particularly sizzling, and the plot got a bit confusing when they went to the shower (I still can’t figure out who was doing what!). However, despite that, this is the story that sticks in my head, and the story I keep going back to. The concept of being “serviced” by your lawn boy is exciting enough, but add to that the fact it was Melanie’s 40th birthday and the feel-good factor jumps by a factor of 10. If you are ready to take your inner romantic out for a naughty little stroll, this is the story for you!

Admired Ashlyn Monroe
Setting up our heroine as a strong, successful career woman, the author begins to show the reader the dichotomy of Cora succumbing to a Dominant/submissive relationship. Not only that, but a relationship that includes the dominant’s friend for some partner sharing and voyeurism. The story reveals how the dominant watching Cora and used covert methods to contact her for the first time. Lots of sexual tension and subterfuge keep your interest throughout this story.

Waking the Lioness Tessa Morelock
As suggested by the title, this is a shape-shifter story. Set in New Orleans, and traveling to the bayou, it adds an almost exotic quality to the plot. Lara comes into contact with her ex who is looking for his missing current lover, both of whom are also shapeshifters. Finding Caleb’s lover wounded in the bayou leads to erotic scenes and some three-way action that precipitates Tate’s healing. A departure from the previous stories, but nicely written and entertaining.

Do It Fur Love Melissa Hosack
Totally unbelieveable and a completely fantastic vehicle for hot sex and a three-way relationship. Vanessa is in a car accident and is found and saved by friends Brenn and Dihn. After finding they couldn’t get her back to civilization for a few days, Brenn and Dihn offer her a chance to recouperate and the sparks start to fly. After learning they are both werewolves, Vanessa allows herself to follow through on the heat between herself and both guys, which eventually leads to some three way action. But will there be a happy ending?

The Problem With Love Spells Angelina Rain
When witch Gretchen runs out of ingredients for her anti-love spell, and she can’t run to the local potion shop to pick them up, she sets out to collect them on her own. Unfortunately, the wolf and bat she collected from decided to take revenge. Fortunately, the wolf was actually a werewolf and the bat a vampire. And they decided to take revenge of a sexual nature. While not normally my cup of tea, this sets the stage for some hot 3-way “revenge” and sets the scene for the story resolution in a satisfactory manner.

There is a little something for everyone in this anthology. It starts out with the most rough and violent and ends with a light-hearted paranormal romp with some good old-fashioned fantasy stories in between. Pick and choose, or read it straight through, but if you are looking for a good read to keep you busy, pick up this anthology and enjoy!


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