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Monday, May 30, 2011

A Kiss for Luck by Kele Moon

A Kiss for Luck by Kele Moon
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: Contemporary, Holiday
Length: Short Story (45 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 5 cherries
Reviewed by Dogwood

Dr. Clara Evans’ life has taken a turn for the worse. With a failed marriage behind her, Clara has only a bottle of wine and a romance novel for company on New Year’s Eve while waiting for the dreadful year to end.

Her lonely celebration is disrupted when her best friend Jackson Philips shows up and she couldn’t be more delighted. Tall, muscular and handsome, what’s not to love about the bighearted firefighter?

It’s not until she steals a desperately needed kiss for luck at midnight that secret desires and hidden heartaches rise to the surface, igniting an inferno of passion that burns between them hot enough to overwhelm even the most seasoned firefighter.

Jackson Philips is a delicious fireman/paramedic whose hot sex-appeal sizzles can cause out-of-control blazes, especially among the nurses who are drawn to his heat. However who is the resident ER Doctor? None other than Jackson's best friend since high school, Dr. Clara Evans.

Clara has been through a rough year. She cannot wait for it to be over. Coming off a recent divorce, she temporarily bunks in with her BFF Jackson who offers his home and his support for her. What Clara does not seem to realize is the fact that Jackson has been in love with her for years but feels Clara is out of his league since Clara is smart and talented. What Jackson does not understand is that Clara has fantasized about Jackson many times over the years, but she thinks herself too plain to be with such a hottie. Mix this scenario together on New Year's Eve with two lonely characters and what do you get? A great romance blossoming and an even greater holiday short story.

My biggest complaint with these kind of short stories is just that...they are too short. Other than wishing for more from these lovebirds, this was a wonderful story that leaves one with a warm, romantic feeling. I love romances where the characters are childhood friends. It gives the characters more depth as they seem to know more about one another, so therefore the romance has a fighting chance of lasting forever when based on a strong friendship.

The love scenes in this story are HOT, HOT, HOT, the characters have exciting chemistry and are totally loveable. This reader smiled through the story and will keep this one to read again in the future.

Kele Moon did a fantastic job with A Kiss for Luck. After reading this story I found myself hoping to discover my own “Kiss of Luck” especially if the result was even close to this Happily Ever-after. If you want a short but hot holiday romance, than this is the story for you! After-all everyone needs a little Kiss for Luck!

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Kele Moon said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful review!! I'm thrilled you enjoyed it!