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Monday, May 30, 2011

Owning Wednesday by Annabel Joseph

Owning Wednesday by Annabel Joseph
Publisher: Loose ID
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (184 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F, M/F/M, Ménage, Anal Sex, Toys, Spanking
Rating: 5 cherries
Reviewed by Violet

ednesday is released by Vincent, her long-time Master, only to find herself in a new, much more emotionally intense BDSM relationship with Daniel. But is Vincent really out of her life forever? Can Wednesday bear the intimacy of her new lover's demands? The three soon find themselves in an uneasy and sometimes downright contentious love triangle.

Wednesday wants to submit to Daniel, but self-protective impulses and bad memories make their budding relationship a constant struggle. In a world of passion, promises, and power exchange, Wednesday and her lovers must come to understand the difference between being “owned” and loved.

“Daniel,” she whispered into his palm, “I want to put on some stockings.”

This is the line I’ll always remember when thinking about this book. It’s sexual, submissive, manipulative, and darkly dangerous all wrapped into one. Owning Wednesday explores a dark, sensual power exchange between the dominant Daniel and submissive Wednesday. It studies the difference between owning and loving a person.

Daniel meets Wednesday when her previous dominant Vincent invites him to a threesome. Eventually Vincent ends his relationship with Wednesday, in effect giving her to Daniel. Whereas Vincent was just a master, Daniel wants a relationship and future with Wednesday. Daniel is a fascinating character. He’s a strong dominant, but he also wants a true open and loving relationship with Wednesday. He moves carefully with Wednesday to ensure she’s moving with him.

Wednesday is just as intriguing as Daniel. Wednesday is emotionally damaged by her childhood. She doesn’t believe she deserves to be loved. She’s scared that the more she loves someone, the more likely they are to leave her. As much as she longs to commit to Daniel, her self-protection instincts are strong. Trusting in a happy future with Daniel is the greatest risk Wednesday will take. Watching Wednesday grow into a happy person is wonderful to watch.

Daniel and Wednesday’s sexual relationship is just sizzling. Owning Wednesday is a true romantic BDSM relationship. It has a dark, gothic feel. This is not a light, fun exploration of BDSM. Nor is it a book, where one of the characters is learning to be a submissive or Dominant. This is a book for people who want a darker edge. It delves into the psychology of power exchange between Daniel and Wednesday, and how that plays into a long and lasting relationship.

If you read the previous version of the book, this version maintains its strong intensity. Initially, I couldn’t understand why the book was being re-released. Then I went back and started rereading and noticed the lengthy beginning exposition in the previous edition. This is gone now. The book is tighter. The best parts of the book are still there. There’s still a live tree in the foyer. Daniel’s job has changed, but he’s still in the movie business. A big change is the purpose behind Wednesday’s white room in Daniel’s home. After reading the first book her white room haunted me. The new version of the book explains the white, but I felt I lost a part of Wednesday’s identity at the same time.

Ms. Joseph’s Owning Wednesday has everything I look for in a book: a strong story, intriguing characters who grow, a voice that draws you in, and hot, absorbing sex. It’s a darkly sensual BDSM romance. Yet as much as I say it’s dark, there’s something truly beautiful in watching Daniel and Wednesday build a life together. It’s a breathtaking read!

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