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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Storm's Tempest by Lacey Savage

Storm’s Tempest by Lacey Savage
Final Cut Miami
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (67 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F
Rating: 4.5 cherries
Reviewed by Cholla

Tempest Kincaide is certain she must be the last twenty-eight-year-old virgin left in the entire world. Her fervent belief in holding out for her soul mate has kept her from doing what most women her age would have done long ago. She might consider a one-night stand, if only she weren't so terrified of admitting that she has no experience, no real knowledge of sexual practices beyond the theoretical, and no skill in pleasing a man.

Storm is a retired sex demon. After centuries of catering to humans' sexual whims, he's taken himself out of the family business. His self-imposed dry spell has lasted more than most humans' lifespans, but he's just fine with that. He's got a business degree and a real job now, and he's in no rush to return to his seducing, womanizing ways.

Until he meets Tempest at Final Cut in Miami, that is. Her innocent nature calls out to the demon in him, making her impossible to resist. He wants to give her everything she craves -- and a few things she's never even imagined.

A memorable night at Final Cut leaves Tempest exhausted. But when she wakes up the next morning, naked and bound, she has no idea what she's gotten herself into. This might be her chance to lose that virginity she's been holding on to for far too long. But first she has to learn trust, passion, and the ecstasy of surrender... all at the hands of a sex demon who's determined to claim Tempest for his own.

Innocent and untouched, Tempest Kincaide is looking for one hot night with a sexy man. What she gets instead is something quite different. Stumbling across Storm, a retired sex demon, will change her entire life. But will one single night be enough for either of them?

Tempest Kincaide might be a lot of things, but a seductress is not one of them. Having held out for her one true love, she’s made it to the age of twenty-eight without having indulged in any kind of sexual activity. And while I do love the fact that a woman might do just that in this day and age, it does tend to make her a bit prone to overreacting to Storm and his attentions. However, when taking her inexperience into consideration, it makes perfect sense, since she really has no idea what to expect. Otherwise, she’s a very likable character that brings spunk and energy to the couple.

Storm, on the other hand, has experience to spare. Having been a sex demon for more centuries than he cares to count, he’s walked away from ‘the business’ to recuperate and rejuvenate his soul. His strong, calm strength is just what Tempest needs to give up what she’s been protecting for so long. He completely balances out her uncertainty with his patience and desire, giving her security and passion to grow in. They make a great couple in the end.

Drawn in by the title, I was held in thrall by the author’s way with the characters and their emotions. Storm’s Tempest is another wonderfully erotic and intense story from Lacey Savage. As steamy and sultry as a Miami night, the story of Storm and Tempest’s meeting will leave you wanting for nothing but an icy rain shower to help bring the temperature down. Indulge and enjoy this latest treat!


6goldfish© said...

Oooo! Looks fantastic! I'm gonna have to buy this book!

Jocelyn Modo

Lacey Savage said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful review!

I really appreciate the time you took to read Storm's Tempest and the in-depth, well thought out write-up. :-)