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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Taming A Highland Devil by Kimberley Killion

Taming A Highland Devil by Kimberley Killion
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Historical
Length: Short Story (74 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 5 Cherries
Reviewed by Clematis

Laird Magnus Sutherland loves women. His prowess in the bedchamber has earned him the name Devil of Dunrobin, but no woman has ever stirred his heart. Magnus needs to provide his clan with an heir, which is the only reason he agrees to marry the neighboring chieftain’s sister. When his betrothed arrives, he discovers the chieftain has two sisters. If Magnus must bind himself to one woman, he intends to discover which is best suited to be his wife, for he wants more than a body to plant his seed. He wants a mate for life.

There are three reasons Lady Effie Reay refuses to vie for Laird Sutherland’s affections…

For one, she is thirty-two and would surely lose a competition to her beautiful, younger sister. Secondly, Laird Sutherland is a well-reputed rake, and she holds no desire to wed another faithless man. And thirdly, the sight of him makes her tingle, shiver and ache.

Will Effie be successful in thwarting Magnus’s advances, or will her body succumb to a temptation that can only lead to heartbreak?

The Devil of Dunrobin, Highland Warrior and Laird has finally met his match!

To choose between two such stunning sisters as Vanna and Effie, to be his Lady Sutherland, should be simplicity itself. Yet if his Mother, and her brother have their way, it will be to the younger, lush, black-haired beauty, to whom Magnus has been betrothed to for the last six months, that he’ll wed. But when the elder red-haired, green-eyed sister catches his eye too, Magnus decides he will not be rushed, that he’ll take time to get to know them both before making his choice.

Too many around him have a secret agenda and seek to force their will upon the Laird. Battle scarred he may be but he hasn’t lived this long or come thus far without trusting his own instincts. Love will find a way. And so is when two wounded souls find like heart to like heart and nothing on earth seems capable of tearing them asunder. But a choice was already made and consequences are nothing if not ironic. With a twist that will leave you gasping at the frustration and futility of a fate that will not be thwarted, all appears lost.

From the fabulous characters that vividly spring to life upon the pages, merrily grab your hand and skip off to take you with them on their journey through time. To the telling, that will have you soar with the passions and their hope for new beginnings and bleed from the heart, for those left shattered and broken. Can there be a happy ending? And how can all that, possibly be expressed so well, in a mere 74 pages? A real gem of a story that will leave you on a high and no doubt wishing for a Highland Devil of your own to tame! Thanks Kimberley Killion! Brilliant!

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