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Monday, May 2, 2011

Touching Ice by Laurann Dohner

Touching Ice by Laurann Dohner
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (143 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F, Anal Play, Forced Seduction, Spanking, Voyeurism
Rating: 4.5 cherries
Reviewed by Anemone

What can go wrong overseeing a bunch of android sex bots on an automated whorehouse in deep space? Great job, if Megan doesn’t die of boredom. Then she catches sight of the sexiest male she’s ever seen. On her grainy security monitor, she watches all his sexual exploits with the bots, and fantasizes. But that’s all she can do because he’s a cyborg. Then fate steps in.

There’s a crash and Megan must escape or die. The cyborgs are rescuing the sex bots—taking them onboard their ship. She knows cyborgs hate humans. They’ll kill her if she asks for help so she devises an insane plan—pretend to be the most realistic sex bot ever made.

His name is Ice, and Megan is now his personal sex bot. He will satisfy every sexual fantasy she’s ever had—and as many more as she can dream up. She just has to figure out how to keep her big, sexy cyborg from discovering that she is all woman.

Every girl should have a cyborg boyfriend like Ice, hot and sexy and willing to die in battle for you. Ice is part of a cyborg group of warriors roaming the universe. When they find a distressed ship that is carrying sex robots that need saving, for him, this is a two for the price of one good deal. Megan has watched Ice every time he came to the station to make use of the robots, fantasizing about him. When she is rescued along sex robots, she’s not passing up a golden opportunity to have the cyborg she’s always dreamed of.

Touching Ice a page turner with explosions and action, and hot passion with a cyborg that gives Megan everything she’s ever dreamed about while watching him. When the incident melts down into an intergalactic incident, Ice is willing to do anything to keep her.

Even though Touching Ice is a part of series, everything is in the story that you need to know to enjoy it. The world-building was well written and the dialogue is fast paced. The scene at the beginning was a bit hard to follow but no less enjoyable.

Ms. Dohner has created a world with the Cyborg Seduction that isn’t always sunshine but dreams of having that one guy can be fulfilled in way beyond your wildest imaginings. Just beware when you pick up Touching Ice that you should be in a place where you can buy the rest of the novels in the series, because I was off to pick up the rest after I finished this book. I highly recommend picking up this book.

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