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Monday, May 2, 2011

Untamable by Becca Dale

Untamable by Becca Dale
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (71 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 cherries
Reviewed by Dogwood

Eight years ago Lily Swanson left Havashaw County with a broken heart. Now circumstances have brought her back to the cowboy who still drives her crazy. Seeing him again stirs erotic memories, but the pain of his betrayal refuses to be soothed with a sexy smile.

Lily left him. That inescapable fact drives Thor Hanson to succeed more than any other. Her return to Havashaw triggers anger, lust and regret, but when she reveals the truth behind her leaving, he's determined to rein her in and show her that what they have is more than a memory.

Neither can deny their passion, as untamable as the broncs Thor trains. But will it be enough, and can Thor convince Lily she's right where she belongs?

With this sexy “bad-boy, cowboy” as our main character (Thor, AKA Thunder as he is known in the arena) Untamable only makes the attraction all the more sweeter! Becca Dale does an excellent job of compounding a whole lot of “spice and sizzle” into a short story.

Who doesn't love a stetson wearing, wounded hero who is determined to show everyone he is still champion? Apparently long-time sweetheart Lily still does, even if she has been away in Chicago for over eight years nursing her broken heart. Childhood sweethearts who finally connect again after years apart...well these types of stories always stir my heart and Becca Dale did a great job of supplying us with the back-story details. The added smoking love scenes? Just icing on this delicious cake.

When Lily returns to her hometown, she is immediately distraught to discover her long-ago heartthrob is about to ride the very bronc that caused his terrible accident eight years prior that also ultimately caused their separation. When these two finally have words what ignites is a blazing fire, leading us into a scorching love-story that will keep you engrossed until the very end. Can over-confident and slightly arrogant cowboy Thor win back his cautious Lily for keeps? I recommend reading this spicy romance to see for yourself.

This is the first story I have ever read of Becca Dale's and I found myself enjoying this story more than I originally thought I might. I am a selfish reader, always hoping the short story might be longer or more detailed, but I soon discovered that Becca is a really good writer and she does the “short story” justice. She managed to make this reader care about her characters in only a few pages.

I wish she had more time to expand on Lily's reasons for leaving Thor after his rodeo accident. I do not think I wanted to take it at face value that she was hurt because he demanded that she leave the hospital room. I would have liked to see if she could have fought harder if some-other circumstances might not have been in play. I think this would have endeared us to Lily's character more if this had been expanded on, however I say again, Ms. Dale did a good job of covering as much history as she could in such few written words.

I loved that we could feel a wide range of emotions in this tale which made it easier to quickly connect with all of the players involved. The secondary characters were also loveable and intriguing. These combinations make for a very entertaining read. I would have no problem recommending this story to my reading group or my friends. I read it from start to finish in one setting and I must say, I am really looking forward to reading future stories written by the author.

So gals, are you “hankering” for a wild cowboy ride with plenty of heat? Well “shucks ma'am” pull up your Stetson and settle down with Untamable. What can I say?.... Cowboys! Yummmmmm!!!!

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Becca Dale said...

Thank you. I am glad you enjoyed Thor and Lily's story.