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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Wrath of the Stars by Viola Grace

Wrath of the Stars by Viola Grace
Hashka Chronicles Book 3
Publisher: Extasy Books
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (84 Pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Reviewed by Holly

A simple trip to the market sends Venya on a nightmare of kidnapping and threat of sacrifice. She stores up her energy and breaks free, stumbling through the forest to hide and hopefully return to the spaceport. Morrer is the emissary of Lassing, god of Morvigeth, he is searching for the lost psychic to save her, and when he finds her, his focus shifts to luring her into his arms and his bed. With years of butchered psychics on Morvigeth, Venya is skeptical of his intentions, but she accepts the touch of the star and it leads to a satisfying revenge.

In Wrath of the Stars, Viola Grace completes the story begun in the first book from the Hashka chronicles.

The cleanup of Morvigeth has begun, but many of the priests have gone into hiding, determined to continue the torture and murder of the psychics that should be treasured.

When Venya is kidnapped for her talent, she is slated to become the next ‘sacrifice’ to Lassing, the star these priests worship, with their perverted rituals. Morrer is the emissary of Lassing, and he is searching for the lost woman, intent on saving her from the rogue priests, and preventing any more psychics from becoming victims.

Venya is skeptical of Morrer’s motives at first, but as she becomes more comfortable with him, she realizes he tells the truth. As they travel, trying to elude the priests, Venya learns that she has been chosen by Searaline as her emissary, to bring the star back to her place in the heavens above Morvigeth alongside her husband Lassing. Together, Morrer/Lassing and Venya/Searaline will heal the planet and bring new life and prosperity to all. Can Venya accept the challenge ahead and stay on Morvigeth with Morrer? Can they stop the priests once and for all? Most important, can Morrer gain the approval of Venya’s parents to be Venya’s mate?

I found this book to be especially satisfying, seeing the retribution visited on the rogue priests by Venya/Searaline as she sought to cleanse the temple on Morvigeth. Although darker than most of Ms. Grace’s stories, this was the only possible conclusion to this chapter of Hashka history.

Venya is strong and capable, and very able to take care of herself. She uses her brains and her talent to escape certain death at the hands of the priests, but isn’t able to ignore the heat the Morrer raises in her. I loved reading the banter between them, and I was glad that, although he saved her, she didn’t immediately trust him or his motives. Watching her gradually learn to trust him was fun to watch.

Morrer is determined and driven to cleanse the priesthood of Lassing. Strong and handsome, he is smart enough to know he can’t just walk up to Venya and declare his intent to rescue her. He is aware of what has gone before, and uses his intellect to show her with actions that he is not out to harm her. I enjoyed the way he slowly introduced her to Lassing, the star he shares his being with.

This is the perfect conclusion to the story begun in Sacrifice to the Stars, the first of the Hashka books. Yes, there is some very graphic and bloody violence in both books, but it is done to depict what the two emissaries must overcome to save the planet once and for all. These two books are a bit darker in tone than anything I’ve read by Ms. Grace, but they are both riveting reading experiences well worth the time it takes to read them. I recommend both for those who like to see justice triumph over evil, and love shine through to defeat the bad guys.

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