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Friday, June 3, 2011

Belle Behind Bars by Wynter Daniels

Belle Behind Bars by Wynter Daniels
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (41 pages)
Other: M/F, light BDSM
Rating: 5 Cherries
Reviewed by Carnation

Jail Sergeant RJ “Ram” Ramsey is incensed when he learns he’s losing a promotion to a less-qualified woman who’s learned all she knows about the job from behind a desk.

Lieutenant Belle Buchanan has a lot to learn. Ram has been an enigma to her since he threw her over years earlier. When they end up alone together, the attraction that first drew her to him flares hot. She wants the hunky sergeant to master her in other, more intimate ways.

Isabelle Buchanan was just promoted to Lieutenant at the county jail. Sergeant R.J. "Ram" Ramsey is not pleased or comfortable with the likely possibility that she will be assigned to his department as his superior in rank. A dominant alpha male, he would prefer not to take his orders from a petite woman who has spent her entire career so far behind a desk. Especially this one. Ram knows Belle personally. They dated a few times a couple years before, just after Ram's divorce. At the time he wasn't interested in anything serious because anger over his divorce had left him cold. However reluctant to call her his boss, he knows that she is very well educated and intelligent. And hot looking. He responds with instant desire every time he looks at the pretty, curvy woman.

Belle's captain, wanting her to gain experience, directs her to shadow Ram in operations. After she embarrasses him in front of the department by deftly demonstrating a take-down procedure on him, he decides to give her a challenge. As his shadow, he takes her to a deserted jail building scheduled to be torn down in a couple of weeks. Resenting her presence, he berates her coldly, then has her follow him into the dark building ridden with rats. When her terror of the vermin running over her boots sends her into his arms shrieking, Ram begins to soften, at least emotionally. The two are immediately thrown into a scorching storm of voracious erotic hunger.

The affair that ensues is one of the hottest erotic romances I've read in ages. Beautifully and expertly written, the raging heat between the two turns out to be far more than mere physical attraction. The magnetism is consuming and the sex burns off the pages. The storytelling is superior as well, especially considering the length of the tale. I was swept along, unable to tear myself away emotionally or mentally.

It turns out that Ram is exactly the lover that strong, confident Belle deeply desires. A lover who is completely dominant sexually, and who expertly inducts the eager-to-learn Belle into the intense practices of dominance and bondage. The author reveals a tender, gentle aspect to this powerful man and a sweetness to their union. She also left me feeling pleased with the hopeful ending.

I most highly recommend this exciting read to everyone who enjoys a bit of tastefully done 'edge' in a romance story.

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