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Monday, June 13, 2011

Breakdown of a Pack by Gwen Campbell

Breakdown of a Pack by Gwen Campbell
Publisher: Shadowfire Press LLC
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (548 pgs)
Other: m/f, m/f/m, m/m, ménage, anal sex, Voyeurism,
Rating: 4.5 cherries
Reviewed by Myrtle

When you're born to be large and in charge, one mate just isn't enough.

Sergeant Owen Wells is finally stateside from Iraq. He goes home to a place he's never seen and tries to fit into a werewolf pack that doesn't take kindly to interloping males. But Owen's got some skills they need and he's sent on a covert mission to find out why a neighboring sheriff was murdered, and why the hierarchy in that pack is crumbling. Problem is, he can't keep his paws off a certain dispatcher. She's got a body that would make Barbie jealous and a mouth that makes him want to dive into sin. Unfortunately, the pack's reluctant leader's got it bad for her too. Now they just have to figure out who the bad guys are, why they're gunning for Owen all of a sudden, and why three werewolves in bed feels just right.

“An Alpha needed an innate ability to lead and believe without a doubt he had the biggest balls in the forest.” Owen Wells first came to life in book one of the series When a Pack Dies. He was a big alpha male who did not want the responsibilities of a pack and is happy living life on his own. Owen is the type of man that, even though he is an alpha, still has a soft and loving heart for the werewolves around him.

What can I say; this book is 548 pages of delicious nail biting entertainment at its finest. Breakdown of a Pack is one book that will not let you down or make you sorry for purchasing it. With two strong wolf males, Owen and Tom, and a top bitch, Suzanne, as characters, you will get lost in the plot and lose track of time while you read. This is one story that you will find hard to lay down in the late night hours and one that you can saver until the end.

Ms. Campbell will blow you away with the hot sex scenes and a one of a kind tale of a pack of werewolves who has lost the top dogs in their pack, leaving them adrift and without leadership. If not for Owen stepping in and helping the pack, the twist in the story could have taken on an ugly outcome and destroyed the pack for good. Even though Owen is the main character, Tom and Suzanne play an important part in loving Owen and making him realize that he cannot deny that he is an alpha and that the pack needs him.

As I read this book, I fell for Owen, Tom, and Suzanne, and formed a bond with them. I had a hard time setting the book down and stayed up all night reading. This is one book that I would recommend to anyone who has a thing for werewolves and loves an alpha man in control who has a heart of gold. I am hoping that there will be another book in the series and will keep my eyes open for any book published by Ms. Campbell.

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Gwen Campbell said...

Thank you, Myrtle, for your very kind review. I'm absolutely tickled you enjoyed the book.

Gwen Campbell