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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cup Check by Stephani Hecht

Cup Check by Stephani Hecht
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (100 pgs)
Other: M/M, Anal Play
Rating: Best Book
Reviewed by Coreopsis

After years of hard work and sacrifice, Kip Cooper’s dream of playing for the NHL is finally within reach. Soon he’ll be able to leave behind his farm team to taste fame, fortune and the respect that comes with being number one. So he’s not about to allow anyone or anything get in the way. But try telling that to his libido, because despite everything, he can’t keep his mind off his teammate, Sergei. Too bad Sergei is young and openly gay… and Kip isn’t. When a chance encounter leads to a night of passion, Kip realizes he has to make a choice: Sergei or his dreams.

Cup Check is the third installment in the Blue Line Hockey series and I have to say it is my favorite. The knowledge that the captain of the Hawks has been harboring feelings for the new addition to the team makes this story a long waited treat to read.

Sergei is new to the Hawks. He’s been sent to play for this farm team to escape the abuse and taunting from his previous team, the Cougars. Sergei is an openly gay man and that makes him a target on the ice. He may be small but he is a force to be reckoned with. He’s an extremely good hockey player and doesn’t let others prejudices keep him down. The only thing keeping him off balance is his attraction for the team captain, Kip. As I read, my heart broke for Sergei because he so in love with Kip, but Kip is straight, or so Sergei thinks.

Kip hides who he really is in fear of being outed. He believes if word got out, any hopes of playing in the NHL would be over. He’s worked his whole life to become a professional hockey player but when Sergei comes to play for the Hawks, Kip starts to reevaluate his priorities. Deciding enough is enough, he goes out one night to quench his hunger for Sergei in the arms of another man. He’s taken by surprise when he runs in to a heartbroken Sergei. Sergei feels betrayed because he thinks Kip doesn’t want him, but he soon discovers its Kip’s fear of being outed that has him holding back.

Trey Canton is an excellent supporting character in this story. He’s a shoulder to lean on for Sergei while he’s dealing with his heartbreak over Kip and his inability to admit he’s gay. Trey is a complete jokester and adds comic relief to this story by pushing Kip’s buttons until Kip is forced to admit his true feeling for Sergei.

After Sergei is attacked during a game, Kip can’t hold back his emotions or feelings for his little hockey player anymore. What Kip does to prove his love for Sergei was a tear jerking moment.

Hockey is a very aggressive sport and Ms. Hecht did an excellent job describing the sport as well as the violent acts that take place on the ice. The love scenes shared between these two men were very descriptive and explosive. The attraction and love these men have towards one another will suck you in and keep you reading to the very end. I love this series and hope there are more to come. If you’re looking for an energetic and captivating read, I highly recommend Cup Check.

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Anonymous said...

Great review! This is my favorite of the series as well! Can't wait to read the next one. :)