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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lewis’s Dream by Lynn Hagen

Lewis’s Dream by Lynn Hagen
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (94 pgs)
Other: M/M, Anal Play
Rating: 4 cherries
Reviewed by Coreopsis

Detective Lewis Keating has had enough of cheating men. When a crooked cop steals a stack of files, it’s Lewis’s job to go through them and close out the ones he can. When a familiar case is found among the files, Lewis decides to question the one person who should be on his list.

Evan Triamade was once told he looked like he breathed pain. A control freak since childhood, the wolf quickly loses his handle on things when his aloof mate shows up to question him about an assault that supposedly happened months ago.

Their relationship is volatile from the start, and Evan is forbidden to see his mate by Alpha Maverick until their differences can be settled. Evan soon finds that convincing his mate not all men are cheaters is harder than he imagined. To make matters worse, Lewis has a drinking problem.

When Lewis is taken by the ex-alpha, Jackson, it isn’t Evan who rescues him but the smaller mates of the house and a Xiamen tiger. Lewis thought living among humans was hard, but living in a world of were-creatures tests his very sanity.

When pairing up two major control freaks it’s only natural that sparks will fly.

Lewis Keating is a man jaded by life and love. After seeing his father cheat on his mother and then being cheated on by his latest boyfriend, he has come to believe men can’t be trusted. He tries to drown his pain in the bottom of a bottle, which isn’t helping his situation any. Lewis is thrown for a loop when he meets Evan Triamade. Evan is controlling to a fault and it is a put off to Lewis. Yet Lewis can’t stop thinking about the other man.

Evan is a large and aggressive man who has had his own share of troubles. So when he realizes Lewis is his mate he couldn’t be happier until he believes Lewis doesn’t feel the same connection and doesn’t want him. Fate hasn’t made a mistake so far when it comes to pairing up the mates, but Evan starts to wonder if this match up isn’t meant to be.

They struggle through their difference and work hard at making a relationship between them work. All seems to be going fine until the rogue alpha from the eastern pack attacks and Evan is taken. Evan’s rescuers couldn’t have been more of a surprise. All the mates to these werewolves have formed a bond and when one is in trouble they all run to their defense. This pack of misfits have become a true family. All for one and one for all is the perfect motto when it comes to this group of men.

Drew, like Lewis is dealing with an addiction, and takes Lewis under his wing to help his friend get help. Alcoholism is a serious disease and you have hope that Lewis will conquer his addiction. I think the author did an excellent job at describing the day to day struggle addicts have to endure.

Once again Ms. Hagen has written a character flawed with addiction and trust issues that will have you rooting for him to get his happy ending. These two men struggle through what they desire and fear the most. In the end it comes down to love. If you have love anything is possible. Lewis’s Dream is an excellent addition to the Brac Series, it’s a must read.

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