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Monday, June 20, 2011

Nothing Ever Happens by Sue Brown

Nothing Ever Happens by Sue Brown
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (225 pgs)
Other: M/M, M/F, exhibitionist, anal sex
Rating: Best book
Reviewed by Myrtle

Andrew’s life is a cliché: he’s a gay man trapped in a loveless marriage, thanks to his religious, overbearing mother. Then a new couple moves in down the street, and Andrew finds himself falling for Nathan in a big way. Nathan is straight, married, and just about to be a father, but after one fateful night out together at a club, Nathan has to face the fact that his feelings for Andrew go way beyond that of a friend and neighbor.

When Andrew’s wife asks for a divorce, both men’s lives are thrown into disarray. Arguments about their responsibilities to their wives and children, doubting themselves and each other, and some harrowing lies pull them apart… but they never leave each other’s thoughts.

“Thou shalt not lust after thy gorgeous neighbor. We’ll just tempt you with their body and make you sit within drooling distance at every opportunity.”

To say I was stunned and left speechless after I finished Nothing Ever Happens is an understatement. I met Ms. Brown on one of the Yahoo groups, read the excerpt for this book and bought it, curious to see how the author used her imagination to write this tale. I started reading it, and could not put it down. I was totally enthralled by the plot and the characters.

I had so many mixed emotions while reading this story, from hate to love for Nathan, happiness to tears for Alex. I wasn't sure how to feel about Andrew for a long time since he was the center of all the turmoil, but I was hooked and pulled into their lives from the beginning. The plot was totally mind-boggling--losing your husband to another woman is bad but losing him to a man is another thing entirely. Watching the heartache, break up, and love between the characters was a reading experience I will not soon forget.

Ms. Brown did a brilliant job with the details she used in pulling this story together to make it one of the best books I have ever read. She hooked and pulled this reader into the hearts and homes of all the characters and kept me there until the end.

Do not let this story pass you by. It's a roller coaster ride I did not want to end. This author and her books will definitely be on the top of my reading list from now on.


Penny Brandon said...

The title of this book "Nothing Ever Happens" does not do the book justice because sooo much happens. I loved this book and will definately be reading more of Sue's work. And yeah, it's a rollar coaster ride that leaves you breathless and enchanted and wanting more.

Sue Brown said...

Many thanks for your lovely review.

Patricia Logan said...

Talk about angst. This is one of my very favorite books ever! I loved it and it made me scream, cry and almost throw my Kindle across the room. I loved, loved, loved it and anyone seeing this had better buy it or else. lol

Dawn Roberto said...

This was an outstanding book and one I have read many times since I got it. Heartbreaking, emotional and pure perfection. Love the review.