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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Punk Rox Warrior by Rachel Cron

Punk Rox Warrior by Rachel Cron
Publisher: Siren Publishing Classic
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (160 pages)
Other: M/F, anal play
Rating: Best Book
Reviewed by Carnation

Life is about to get interesting for Rainne.

Rainne Stanton is a young woman who lives by her own rules. She has her band, she has her little business, and now she has a stalker. Her world is turned upside down when her mother gets involved.

James Decker is competent, lethal and Rainne's new shadow. Hired by her mother to find and eliminate Rainne’s stalker, he never anticipated what was waiting for him.

Their passion was something neither one expected or welcomed.

Together, can they clear the haze of deception surrounding Rainne? As James begins to unravel the mystery that is Rainne herself, what he finds will forever change him in ways he never could have anticipated.

I had only turned one page and was already laughing.

First Lieutenant James Decker, Special Forces: about 6' 5”, deep blue the 'babysitter' Rainne's mother has sent to keep an eye on her and protect her from a stalker. He takes charge immediately, informing the 'girlie-girl', along with a snarl of disdain, that she won't be going to work for the next few days.

Punk Rock artist, Rainne, grunge in attitude and garb, never has gotten along with her mother and resents her intrusion into her life. But 'G.I. Joe' leaves her with no choice and the next thing she knows, he is residing on her couch, shadowing her every move. He finds her cell phone bugged, does a sweep of her apartment and outfits her car with GPS. After finding extensive evidence of a very thorough and ongoing surveillance on Rainne by the stalker, his four militant-looking associates move in, too.

Rainne is the opposite of everything that James is. So why is he so turned on by the belligerent, wild child with black lipstick and shaded eyes? When she cleans off all the makeup and puts on a normal outfit, he is struck by her vulnerable, soft look. But the bruises James sees all over her body have him in a secret rage. Soon, James find his attraction to her an imposition on his personal philosophy of living: to keep it simple and stay single. In his mind he finds himself making an exception to that bachelor 'rule'. He is drawn to Rainne more with every new peek into her true identity and personality.

Despite herself, Rainne cannot resist her overwhelming and confusing attraction to the large, sexy bodyguard. Their affair begins with an explosive blaze of hunger and desire. Rainne has had only one sexual partner in her life and that was her abusive ex-boyfriend. That affair ended over a year ago. When James moves into her bedroom, she finds that the sexually magnetic and powerfully masculine man has taken over her heart.

I liked that there were several important sub-plots and realistic plot twists in this story. It becomes an 'edge of your seat' crime adventure, while at the same time a believable and touching love story plays out. One of the things I found the most interesting was the transformative journey throughout the adventure that played on past wounds and the healing interaction of the lovers. I especially appreciated how this is woven throughout the story and evolves seamlessly, along with the natural way the characters' personalities are cleverly and gradually fully revealed. All is not what it first seems.

The eloquent and sensitively done expressions of James' love for Rainne were also a big plus for me in this book. Rarely is this done so beautifully. I started the story with chuckles, and ended this very vivid and realistic story with teary feelings and compassion for the two lovers. I found it easy to care about them and enjoyed the intense, passionate love scenes between them as well. The heat between Rainne and James is scorching! I recommend this book to everyone, and eagerly look forward to more of Rachel Cron's work.


fyrenice said...

I am Rachael's sister-in law. Knowing for her long as I have known her (and in fact, we haven't for that long, if you don't count 15 years), it is amazing for me to be able to tell you that, by the verbiage, the experiences, with assurance, that they all come from her.

She creates the visceral experience. Simply put. When you read her work, you are "there."

It is that good.

She has a natural ability to create a dynamic writing flow; and that is very hard to come by.

This book book draws the erotic romance reader into the highs, and the lows of "R's" experience. In other words, she is so good at her work that she can allow the reader to experience the highs, and the lows.

This means that she has command of range in writing.

And, still manages to make it come off sexy.

Darlene Passarella

Anonymous said...

I agree totally, Darlene. Rachel has the gift to capture you completely and take you anywhere she wants you to go. Punk Rox Warrior is a very enjoyable read that sticks with you long after you put it down and has everything that a great story can offer. I'm eager to get my hands on her next one! Carnation