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Friday, June 10, 2011

Redemption by Stormy Glenn

Redemption by Stormy Glenn
True Blood Mate 4
Publisher: Stormy Glenn
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (129 pgs)
Other: M/M, anal play, forced seduction, Violence, light bdsm, toys
Rating: Best Book
Reviewed by Peppermint

Rogan Owens lives a life of secret misery. Three years ago, he lost his mate, who couldn't come out of the closet and acknowledge their bond. He's suffered in silence ever since, taking over as alpha of his mate's clan.

Rogan is overjoyed when he discovers Julian alive. He has so many questions. Where has Julian been? What are the long scars on his body? Most importantly, why is Julian running away from him?

Rogan finally comes to accept that his mate will never want him, only to have Julian decide it's time to come home.

But someone else doesn't want Julian and Rogan reunited, even if it means Julian's death for real this time. Between keeping each other safe and trying to solve the mystery of who wants Julian dead, they barely have time to learn to love each other. Will what they feel for each other make them stronger or be their downfall?

There is something truly special about a story that can have you so emotionally attached it brings you to tears. That is exactly what Redemption did for me; I could not stop the tears from falling, and once the flood gates of emotions opened they refused to be closed.

The main characters of this story are both victims of circumstances that they could not control. While these same circumstances are what kept them apart for years and nearly killed Julian, they are the same circumstances that join them together and create a bond man or woman can break. This plot is truly touching and relatable. Many of us are forced into positions we do not want to be in, but how we react to them is what really gives us either a tragedy or a happy-ever-after.

Rogan and Julian’s story is one that will leave you anguished one moment and enchanted the next. Author Stormy Glenn has a way of making her readers feel as if they are emotionally and physically experiencing the world she has woven along with the characters. It is truly a gift that should not be taken lightly and anyone who has read a Stormy Glenn story appreciates this ability and cherishes it.

Not only was the emotional attachment excellent but so was the physical. With so much pent-up emotions and frustration the sex between these two was nothing less than spectacular, which is was. The forced seduction scene even left me whimpering, wishing that I could experience at least a fraction of what the characters were. If only real life could be as grand as non-fiction there would definitely be more people smiling.

This story is the triathlon of writing. You have great writing technique, memorable characters, and a captivating plot. Only in this event, there is not just one winner. Any reader who has the pleasure of picking up this story wins, and they get much more than a trophy. They get a story and characters that will stay with them for years to come.

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