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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Stealing Coal by Laurann Dohner

Stealing Coal by Laurann Dohner
Book 5 in the Cyborg Seduction series
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Aeon
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (151 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 5 cherries
Reviewed by Clematis

Jill has learned the hard way that men can’t be trusted and sex only causes pain. In the lawlessness of space, women are a sexual commodity—to be used and abused. She’s doing a man’s job, with only her father’s brutal reputation and three androids to help keep her alive when she sees a massive, handsome cyborg chained to a freight table. The abusive crew plans to sell him to fight in gruesome death matches. It’s stupid, it’s insane, but Jill can’t leave him to such a horrible fate.

Coal has survived being a captive breeding slave and irreversible damage to his cyborg implants, but his honor is still intact. He’s grateful Jill saved him and he’ll repay her the only way he can. He’ll fix her—with his mouth, his hands and his body. He can teach the little human just how much pleasure she’s capable of feeling.

Stealing Coal is a terrific addition to the Cyborg Seduction series, which just keeps getting better! Laurann Dohner had me hooked right from the first paragraph of the first chapter. Before I knew it, I was stretched back in my favorite reading chair, lost in the romance, the passion, drama and adventure.

There’s never a dull moment for space trader Captain Jill and her three android sidekicks, and today is no exception. She sticks her neck out, against her better judgment, to save a handsome cyborg male from further torture and abuse.

For her own safety, Jill keeps the cyborg, Coal, a prisoner aboard her ship, despite his insistence that he can be trusted not to harm her. She has learned from past experiences that women are not always treated as well as they should be by men.

Coal, like Jill, has had his own traumas and demons to deal with, after having been brutally treated by women cyborgs and kept as a breeder slave. So they are both mistrustful of the other's motives, until forced to cooperate during an emergency. When Coal offers her the one skill he has as a means to repay her for helping him, Jill is understandingly apprehensive. But with reluctant surrender comes an outcome neither could have predicted. And both are left shaken when his ‘gift of pleasure’ tenderly given to help and heal, is generously, if at first tentatively, reciprocated.

Discovering that past beliefs need further examination, they set about doing just that in the most pleasurable way possible. But before either can fully come to terms with their current situation, or deal with unexpected emotions, Jill finds herself the ‘prisoner’ and in the middle of a full-blown rescue mission.

Who doesn’t love a great story, with a satisfying HEA, where wounded souls find fulfillment and love to mend them, but only with each other?’ Especially if it’s written in such a way that you emotionally buy-in to the story and all they have to go through to get it.

This story by Ms Dohner is sublime. With wonderful characters and a great plot, it is superbly told.

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