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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Viper Prince by Rebecca Goings

The Viper Prince by Rebecca Goings
Desert Princes of Jikkar Book I
Publisher: Carnal Passions
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (163 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 5 cherries
Reviewed by Myrtle

A successful romance author, Sabine Santiago's latest book is about hot desert sands and a sexy caravan prince. She's dreamt of him every night since buying a coiling viper armband at her local flea market. Little does she know the trinket is about to transport her to another world.

Tariq Sayed is the Viper Prince of Jikkar. For a millennia, the six princes of the Golden Desert have ruled their caravans, providing water for their people and protection from the hot desert sun. Punishment for stealing water is death, so what is Tariq to do when the woman he’s been dreaming of is caught drinking from his oasis?

When their worlds collide, Sabine is dropped right into the plot of one of her books. One look at the sexy Viper, and it's clear that the line between fiction and reality is slim to none. But Tariq has been promised to wed the niece of the Jackal Prince, which will form a strong alliance for his people.

Now, the Viper must choose between his duty and the woman who burns his very soul.

Sabine Santigo is a romance writer whose deadline is coming up. At the start of the book Sabine is dreaming about the desert prince from her newest work in progress, “The Viper Prince”. He wasn’t a sheikh as she told her editor, but a caravan prince who traveled to his oasis collecting water for his people. His planet Jikkar was a dry desert land with two moons. She’d begun “dreaming and writing about him the moment she’d bought a coiling snake armband, a beautiful trinket of gold with two inlaid rubies for eyes” from a flea market. One thing she never imagined was that she would travel through space and time to be dropped at the feet of the Viper Prince of Jikkar.

Pure alpha male, the Viper lives by the rules of the desert and is the prince of his people. He soon finds that there is something different about the woman found stealing water from his oasis and wearing his mother’s armband. From the start of the book, he comes across as a strong ruler and someone to fear, even though his words and actions are scary he also gives off the impression of compassion that will steal your heart right away.

It must be hard to write Sci-Fi/Fantasy stories as the author must not only tell the story but also create a completely new world for the reader to visualize without losing them in the process. People, animals, and language must be explained in such a way as to keep the reader entertained and absorbed. Ms. Going did an astonishing job in creating Jikkar and in pulling this reader into the plot. This story is action packed with many hidden twists, and kept me on the edge of my seat until the end.

What I found unique was Ms. Goings’ ability to build a new world and still carry the readers on a journey so vivid that you could almost feel the hot desert air on your skin and the dryness in your mouth right along with the heroine. I definitely connected with Sabine, and understood her fears and joy and maybe even wished I could trade places with her. The romantic in me loved watching the heroine and the hero work through the barriers of time and space and left me praying for that happy ever after for the two.

This is one book that I will re-read and a series that I am eager to continue reading. Strongly recommended!

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