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Monday, July 18, 2011

Bits ’n’ Bytes by Sam Cheever

Bits ’n’ Bytes by Sam Cheever
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (120 pages)
Other: M/F, toys
Rating: 4 cherries
Reviewed by Dogwood

Self-proclaimed cougar Bliss Drake has blue screened. Suffering from a broken heart and a dead computer, she finds herself standing in the middle of an electronics store nursing sweaty palms and lusty thoughts.

Tall, dark and sexy Brad Hoffman is a nerd. When the beautiful black woman with a serious fear of computers starts talking about flinging herself into a display case at his favorite electronics store, he’s happy to offer his…erm…services.

Can a computer-phobic beauty and a sexy geek ever sync up? Only if they can cobble together the right bits ‘n’ bytes!

Not only does the saying "opposites attract" come into play here, but this cute story shows us age makes no difference where love is concerned. Bliss Drake is a self-proclaimed cougar and a city girl through and through. She needs her computer for her thriving business, but the problem is, she is terrified of computers, so when hers goes flat-line, she finds herself in the middle of a computer store about to have a panic attack.

In comes tall, dark sexy and much younger Brad Hoffman, who is a nature-loving computer nerd. When Brad spots the beautiful black woman with a fear of computers, he's more than happy to assist her needs. All of her needs!

Bits ’n’ Bytes kept me smiling all the way through. These two complete opposites are very attracted to each other, but can they find a common thread? Sam Cheever does a fantastic job of writing unusual characters who still find that love conquers all. I could relate so much to Bliss Drake who finds herself recovering from a recent break-up. It was fun to watch Bliss search for a new computer based on its attractiveness. Then there is Brad trying to convince Bliss that animals can be affectionate and nature is not all bad. How these two unlikely candidates finally mesh together is a story of amusing contradictions and cute scenarios. Her secondary characters where well written and well detailed. I like that there was a villain in this story that not only tries to keep our lovebirds apart but tries to steal from Brad to ruin his business. This added drama makes the storytelling more compelling.

The flow of this tale was smooth, and I found myself reading from beginning to end non-stop. I laughed at the main characters' antics, I felt for the main characters' heartbreaks and I rooted for the lovebirds to endure. Overall I very much enjoyed Sam Cheever's love story.

I was impressed that this story was edited so well. I found very few grammar errors and that is a rarity for me these days. The love scenes were hot and the romance was great. I would have no problem recommending this book to a friend.

Looking for a cute, hot and amusing love story? Well look no further: Bits 'n' Bytes might be just the story for you!

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